The next chapter in the troubling story of property guru Glenn Armstrong has begun after court records have revealed that the infamous £3m seven-bedroom ‘trophy mansion’ he often used within his marketing effort has been repossessed by bailiffs.

The 62-year-old’s now former home, in which he and his wife lived for several years, had also been occupied until recently by a ‘tenant’ and business partner, but now the trio have left the premises.

A video reportedly filmed by bailiffs as they toured the huge luxury detached mansion in Newport Pagnell late last month shows brochures for his Property Millionaire Academy strewn around one room, while other parts of the house contain personal items including a child’s dollhouse, clothing and even a pair of his shoes.

The video suggests that whoever was living there departed in a hurry. The freezer remains fully stocked and the detritus of a final meal is evident on the work surfaces.

In February 2021 Armstrong was declared bankrupt after it was revealed that he owed creditors £4.9 million.

His bank accounts were frozen and an insolvency practitioner – Begbies Traynor – has spent months going through his affairs; 38 creditors were listed in the court papers, each looking to claim back sums of up to £537,000.

In February Begbies Traynor invited creditors to contact them ‘to prove their debts’, suggesting some monies may be returned.

Bank of Scotland

But one major creditor, the Bank of Scotland, who had given Armstrong a mortgage on the mansion, has now moved to recoup its money via the repossession of the mansion, called Carisbrook House.

The legal move is the final act in a sad play, particularly for the 40+ creditors who have lost considerable sums after being persuaded by Armstrong’s marketing – which featured his mansion prominently – to invest in projects he backed.

glenn armstrong

It also featured in a 2017 interview with him by Property Pillars TV (pictured, right)

Channel 4 may also be ruing the day it featured Armstrong within both its How the Other Half Live and The Secret Millionaire programmes during the late noughties, lending him much credence as a bonafide businessman.


  1. It is sad to see a trophy mansion like this used by a bankrupt property guru like Glenn Armstrong repossessed by the bank. This is a clear sign that the property market is in trouble and that Armstrong’s days as a guru are over. It will be interesting to see what happens to the property now that it is in the hands of the bank.

  2. How can this person be recognised as a Guru? He’s a total failure in property investing. Anyone can buy property & lose all their money. Also, who is it that decides who is a Guru. I’ve never seen any qualifications that award this title to anyone or have seen a job for a Guru advertised any where.

    • It’s a generic tongue-in-cheek title for those who self-proclaim their wealth in order to market expensive property training courses to young, naive and vulnerable people. It’s not complimentary.

      The other term is FURU – which stands for “fake guru”. There are many of these people around who don’t actually have any property wealth at all, but market themselves as being very successful. These people make money from training and use that to invest in property, not the other way round.

      Glenn Armstrong did have a large portfolio of around 200 low quality properties mostly all bought with the same day remortgage “no money down” product offered by Mortgage Express between 2004 and 2008.

      The current crop of gurus still claim “no money down” investing, even though that product was removed from the market in April 2008.

      I hope that clarifies a bit for you?

  3. @Claire
    I don’t follow the suggestion that “This is a clear sign that the property market is in trouble”. The repossession is because Glenn Armstrong owed lots of money to the bank, and presumably had defaulted on payments – no connection as far as I can see with the state of the market.

    I agree that ” that Armstrong’s days as a guru are over “. Whether he was in fact a guru is debatable – people bought into his rhetoric and lost money as a result.

  4. He was simply a crook
    The property narket is not as it is because of him.

    He has simply taken advantage of gullible people and ripped them off.

  5. Followers of this lengthy debacle may remember that, for being the only platform allowing substantiated commentary about Glenn Armstrong, both Property Tribes and myself were targeted with malicious social media posts and propaganda by Armstrong and his cronies.

    Sound familiar?

    This is why my CrowdJustice campaign is so important to assist me in creating further awareness of consumer protection for the wealth creation industry. Please donate if you can. it it much appreciated … and needed.


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