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Landlords are overwhelmingly going to vote Conservative because the Tories have said they will not try to control rents or introduce new tenant protections, according to a new survey by letting specialists, Rentify.

51% of landlords said David Cameron’s party best represents their interests, and a huge 45% said they will be voting Conservative in May.

Only 19% of the landlords taking part in the survey said they would be voting Labour.

The survey revealed that landlords favour the Conservatives because they do not want to see the sector regulated any more than it is already. They fear that rule changes which control rents and force owners to offer tenants more secure terms would make their job far more difficult, and may even result in them leaving the sector altogether.

Rentify say:

“Conservatives take a liberal approach to the rental market, opting not to interfere with rent prices and tenancy lengths. This is good news for landlords should the Tories remain in government.”

The policy gap represents a strong bias towards the Conservatives for landlords, whereas amongst the general population Labour and the Tories are neck and neck in the polls.

The Opposition Party has committed itself to limiting the speed of rent increases, but has not necessarily capping rents. It will also ban letting agent fees for tenants, mandate three-year tenancy agreements by default and introduce a self-funding (by landlords) landlord registration scheme.

The Rentify poll found that 45% of landlords were planning to vote Conservative, 19% Labour, 17% Ukip, 6% Liberal Democrat and 6% Green.

Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. 45% isn\’t that much higher than what the overall polls are giving the Tories (about 33%). Given that richer people are more likely to vote Tory — and that landlords are likely to be richer than the average person — I don\’t think that this really tells us anything

    The thing which did shock me was that 17% of landlords intend to vote UKIP (higher than their overall polling as well) which is odd given that their core demographic seems to be poorer people who feel let down by the modern world (i.e. not most landlords).

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