Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.

A New Zealand landlord who posted photos of a tenant’s possessions when advertising his property on a lettings platform has been ordered to pay her compensation – and a rental legal expert warns that UK landlords should take heed.

Monika Kuciel claimed Crockers Property Management in Auckland displayed her possessions in the listing photos without consent.

A tenancy tribunal found that she had a “strong expectation” of privacy inside her home and as the landlord’s actions were intentional, ordered it to pay her NZ$520.

According to the tribunal, Ms Kuciel allowed office staff in to take photos but didn’t agree to have her belongings photographed.

The tribunal decided that Crockers Property Management had, “interfered with the tenant’s privacy in circumstances that amount to harassment.”

Right to privacy

It added: “The landlord was aware of what the photographs were for, had control over what photographs were used, and should have been aware of the tenant’s right to privacy, and the need to obtain consent before using the photographs.”

Tessa Shepperson, a lawyer at Landlord Law Services, says in the UK, if a tenant can show that photo taking was excessive and unnecessary, it could constitute a breach of their ‘covenant of quiet enjoyment’ – one of the principal covenants in most residential leases.

“If similar photographs were made public on a property portal, then I suspect a tenant may have cause to complain – particularly if the photos show valuable items and so may prompt criminals to target the property or if they are pictures of children,” Shepperson tells LandlordZONE.  

But she adds that when tenants are given notice of visits, they can prepare for them by putting some things, such as watches and jewellery, away so they can’t be photographed.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Monika Kuciel – This makes my blood boil. Someone jumping on an easy opportunity to extract money from a landlord who provided a safe haven for a tenant when needed. No possible damage done to Monika Kuciel here but she spotted the excuse to take hard earned money from someone and she took it, it’s nothing short of criminal when you think about it. I find it hard to comprehend individuals like this, it’s despicable and shameful; is this a result of this particular tenant’s upbringing I wonder! My advice to this person would be to try working hard and earn your money honestly!! Thank god there are many good, decent people in society to restore the faith.


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