Clive Millard from Sudbury has has called on other landlords to ‘do the right thing’ and follow his example.

A selfless landlord is urging others in the private rented sector to follow his lead by giving their tenants a three-month payment holiday.

Company director Clive Millard, from Sudbury, was concerned his tenant would struggle during the crisis so decided to help out – and his offer came at just the right time, as his tenant lost his job on the same day.

Millard then posted a Facebook message to his local community: “This is a message to all landlords in these difficult times ahead…whilst people with a mortgage have the option of a three-month holiday break from payments, tenants do not have that option.

“I ask you to do the right thing and give them a three-month payment holiday,” he told his local newspaper.

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“Let’s show the world what a great nation we are by sticking together and show them the bulldog spirit. Let’s get our nation feeling good at this bad time.

“My tenant wanted to know if the payments would be increased after the three months to pay back the debt, but I assured them it was a payment holiday and would go back to normal payments afterwards.”

“I understand the government has a very hard job in deciding where to give money to help people in these unprecedented times and the amount it has given out is truly unbelievable.

“Hats off to them for that, but we all need to look at ourselves and see where we can help out too.”


  1. I’d do that as well IF I was wealthy like this guy.
    However, I’m not….
    The rent I have coming in is just enough to keep my head above water as I am a lone carer for a parent and can’t work.
    My tenants have much more money coming in than me even the one now on 80% wages due to Corona virus.
    Having lots of money and a kind heart is great but hero? Don’t think so!


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