Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.

Section 21:

Relieved neighbours clubbed together to throw a street party to celebrate getting their street back after a nightmare “tenant from hell” was evicted.

Tenant and mother of five, Katie Bentley, it was claimed, did £25,000 worth of damage to her rented house in Bransholme, Hull, before the landlord managed to secure an eviction.

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Landlord Phil Withnall fought for months to get Bentley evicted from his property which he claims had smashed windows, holes in the walls, ripped up floorboards and mounds of rubbish in multiple rooms and the rear yard.

Mr Withnall eventually had to escalate the legal process to the High Court before he could successfully evict.

The episode rather gives the lie to claims that tenants can be thrown out on their ear, with little or no notice. According to the two main landlord associations, The RLA & NLA, landlords will face even longer delays if the Section 21 eviction process is abolished. Both are arguing vigorously to retain the Section 21 accelerated eviction process, currently under threat of abolition by the Conservative Government.

Bentley had become the bane of her neighbours’ lives, who had complained bitterly about her raucous behaviour for months, on a weekly basis, about the noise and the state of the surroundings of her rented home.

Bentley was finally evicted in March after a lengthy battle with her landlord, supported by the neighbours who had pledged to throw the party if the landlord ever managed to get shut of her.

The “Getting Our Street Back Party” as reported by Hull news, shows the strength of feeling against Bentley and her disruptive behaviour which was making the street residents’ lives a misery.

And they all kept their promise by getting the whole community together for the celebration, collecting £85 from neighbours to fund a community barbecue, bouncy castle and games for the kids.

One neighbour told Hull News:

“It has been absolutely great. It’s lovely – we can sleep on a night and it’s just great. Everyone is so relieved and it means the kids can play out in the street with no backlash off her.”

Bentley commented:

“I went to jail in October for a week for failing to surrender because I didn’t want to hand myself in to the police.

“While I was in prison my windows got smashed by smackheads. All the loud noises the neighbours hear is me getting beaten up. It’s me shouting for help…”

Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Just as is stated here, it is far more difficult for landlords to evict scum like this than the bleeding hearts of Shelter and Labour would have us believe.

    Why are there all these endless hoops to jump through? Everyone knows that County Court Judgements aren’t worth the paper they’re now not written on. Complainants almost always have to upgrade a judgement to the High Court to get any real action and it all takes ages and ages.

    I would be more than happy for tenants to get more security of tenure, but it also must be made far easier, quicker and less expensive to get rid of problem tenants. The problem is that there is an undeclared coalition of bleeding hearts (Labour) and corporate landlord loving Tories that know they can bash private landlords because they have no other political home to go to.


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