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A project which will be fully funded by Shelter aimed at promoting higher renting standards in Dundee’s private rented sector (PRS) might be launched later this year.

The housing and homelessness charity, Shelter Scotland wants to create a new role within the council’s housing department in a move help council staff improve practice standards amongst city landlords.

The main target, according to a report in the Dundee Evening Telegraph, will be those landlords who are operating below “best practice guidelines”, but at the same time not causing enough concern to merit formal enforcement action.

The new Shelter support officer will be tasked to work with the council, industry bodies and housing agencies to give advice to landlords on improving standards.

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If the project gets the green-light the project, which will be fully funded by Shelter, will run for two-and-a-half years starting in October.

The proposals will be put before the council’s housing committee next week.

Councillor John Alexander, city housing convener, told the Dundee Evening Telegraph:

“The grant will fund a post in the housing department to work with landlords, tenants and intermediaries on better understanding of the sector and what would improve day-to-day practice by landlords.

“Shelter is keen to work with us because the city has a vibrant private rented sector and our Private Sector Services Unit has developed good working relationship with landlords.

“The unit registers private landlords to make sure that they are ‘fit and proper’ to be letting residential property, which protects tenants and their neighbours from the impact of anti-social behaviour and mismanaged property.

“Staff from the unit also work closely with landlords, running regular seminars on areas of interest and providing other help and guidance on issues like repairs and maintenance.”

Shona Hay, office manager of Dundee-based Belvoir Lettings, told the Evening Telegraph:

“I’m all for help being given to people who have been treated incorrectly, but we need to be careful with how far we go. Shelter are quite gung-ho and we are already a lot more regulated up here than down south.”

Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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