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Brothers Naveed and Rizwan Hussain, who have been called ‘arrogant and greedy’ property developers, have been jailed over the collapse of three-storey building after residents plunged through their living room floors and became trapped in rubble.

The two property developer brothers were branded ‘arrogant and greedy’ by a judge who jailed them for 12 months each after a three-storey building they were working on collapsed trapping three people in the rubble.

The “completely unqualified” brothers were attempting to convert the building into an Indian restaurant when a digger struck a load-bearing column bringing, down floors and walls.

The incident caused a doctor’s wife and a student to fall through the floors of the building into the basement were they were trapped in rubble. The Judge in the trial told the brothers it was lucky no one died.

According to reports by the Daily Mail the accident resulted in the two fall victims and a workman being hospitalised with minor injuries, while another 20 students were left homeless. It also meant that one of Sheffield’s main arterial roads was closed for a day.

Luckily, most of the students who lived in flats above were out at the time of the incident while their landlords were working on the building below the top story accommodation.

Judge Michael Murphy, jailing the brothers Naveed and Rizwan Hussain for 12 months each, is reported to have told them:

“It was only by the grace of God or good fortune that people were not seriously injured or killed.

“If a member of the public had been passing by they would have said “How on earth was no-one killed in that?… There was potential for a complete disaster. It was caused by your arrogance and greed.”

The Daily Mail reported that officers from the Health and Safety Executive had spent two years and £150,000 investigating the accident and bringing the defendants to justice, for what was described as a “flagrant disregard” of Health and Safety regulations.

The Sheffield Crown Court was told that neither Naveed, 33, or Rizwan, 39, had any building experience, qualifications or planning permission for the structural works they were carrying out.

In addition t the jail sentences, Naveed was fined £40,000 and Rizwan was given a £42,000 fine. Naveed was ordered to pay £60,000 costs and Rizwan £40,000 costs.

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Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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