Housing Minister Eddie Hughes has revealed that the government is not considering introducing more evictions restrictions, but warns landlords in England that longer notice periods might be brought in up until 25th March. 

lillian greenwood evictions

In a written question, Lilian Greenwood MP asked Hughes if the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Department had considered the potential merits of reinstating measures to have court eviction proceedings stayed and extending the minimum notice period for section 21 evictions from two to four months ‘while tenants and advice services were still being affected by the spread of the omicron variant’.

Hughes said while the measures the government had taken at the start of the pandemic to help renters stay in their homes had worked – with fewer rough sleepers and possession claims being made – it continued to monitor the situation using public health and homelessness data, along with repossession statistics.

No plans

“There are no current plans to reintroduce the emergency measures to delay evictions given the wider lifting of national restrictions, the success of the vaccination roll-out and the impact that these measures have on landlords,” said Hughes.

“Bailiffs must, however, provide at least 14 days’ notice of an eviction and will not carry out an eviction if they are made aware that anyone living in the property has COVID-19 or is self-isolating.”

He added: “We have also retained the power to reintroduce longer notice periods until 25th March 2022 if needed and significant support is available to renters through the welfare system.”

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