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Fergus Wilson:

Seventy one years old Fergus Wilson, a portfolio landlord from Kent, who notoriously banned ‘coloured’ tenants for ‘smelling of curry’, has been convicted of racially abusing a Slovakian traffic warden for giving him a parking ticket.

In his defence Wilson claimed that the language he used is no longer offensive in Britain in the 21st century, but the court did not agree. The victim, 38 years old Zuzana Austin, claimed that the shocking incident has left her ‘traumatised’.

Mr & Mrs Wilson had built-up from the 1980s a Kent based 750 property empire worth around £200million, and have made numerous national headlines for the way they have treated tenants, most notably for saying they did not want ‘coloured’ tenants ‘because of the curry smell’.

The latest incident has resulted in Wilson being convicted of a hate crime by Medway Magistrates Court and fined £650 after his verbal attack was caught on the traffic warden’s body camera.

In 2017, in an act of defiance, the buy-to-let property tycoon issued an 11 point set of letting criteria for his rental homes in Kent.

The criteria effectively banned single mothers, battered wives, families with children and he even singled out plumbers from becoming his tenants.

Defending his action of posting the letting criteria document online, Mr Wilson said at the time: “We have said nothing against lesbians and homosexuals or coloureds. As long as they can pay the rent”

The Wilson’s Letting Criteria

Letting Criteria from 1st January 2017

Like any business we are consistently fine tuning to best advantage.

The following are not acceptable:

1) Tenants with children under 18. A child over 18 can be a co-tenant

2) Only tenants with a Rent Guarantee

3) No single mums or single fathers

4) No tenants on Housing Benefit

5) No low income workers

6) No single adults

7) No Zero hours workers

8) No plumbers

9) No battered wives

10) No smokers

11) No tenants with pets

Both tenants names to go on the Tenancy! Take National Insurance. Take car numbers. Take details of employment.

Fergus Wilson

Mr Wilson said that he takes the usual precautions that most landlords do; taking details of national insurance numbers, employment and car registration details for council car parking permits and for flats with allotted spaces to prove who is living in his properties to insurers, and to prove that his tenants can afford to live there.

Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.



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