A new analysis of housing trends in England is distorting the facts by claiming that the private rented sector is not fit for purpose, that’s according to the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

The report from the Resolution Foundation argues that private sector tenants are more likely to face insecurity as a result of short term tenancies.

However, figures in the most recent English Housing Survey show that private sector tenants are spending an average of 4 years in their current property, up from 3.7 five years ago. Private sector tenants are also more satisfied with their accommodation than those in the social rented sector says the RLA.

The Residential Landlords Association is warning that recent changes by the Government to the way the private rented sector is taxed is adding to the burden on landlords and pressure on rents on tenants highlighted by the Report.

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The Government’s case for increasing taxation that buy to let is reducing the supply of housing available to would-be owners is undermined by the Foundation’s report which says that the sector has grown from 2.5% to 5% of all households over 10 years and has little impact on overall numbers.

Commenting, Alan Ward, Chairman of the RLA, said:

“The evidence shows that tenants in the private rented sector are staying in their homes for longer. No landlord ever wants to lose a well behaved tenant who pays their rent on time.”


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