An unusual war of words has broken out between critics of self-styled property guru Samuel Leeds and members of his family.

Over the festive break subscribers to Andrew Burgess’s Facebook group The Truth About Samuel Leeds and Those That Use Similar Methods were astounded to see Leeds’ mother and sister join the group and its discussions, something none of the guru’s family has done before.

The Facebook group exists partly to track Leeds’ business activities, check the marketing claims for his property courses, question the value of their fees and discuss the pros and cons of both his and other gurus’ courses.

But last week Leeds’ mother and sister took to Facebook to accuse several members of ‘hate crimes’ against him, claiming that its members have been ‘spreading propaganda’ and were ‘vindictive and hateful’.

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Leeds and his associates have tried hard in recent weeks and months to put pressure on Burgess to close down the page including a string of legal letters sent via solicitors Ellisons.

Blogger Georgie Taylor, who ran a series examining Leeds’ training courses, also received letters from Ellisons threatening legal action unless her videos were taken down. They remain live on YouTube and have been watched over 100,000 times.

Latest letters

The latest of Burgess’ letters arrived on 29th December warning him of potential court action unless he deletes all his social accounts linked to groups naming Leeds, restating the claim that Burgess is conducting a campaign of harassment, and that the social media accounts are defamatory.

Burgess (pictured), both now and in previous correspondence with Ellisons, says he is providing a platform for discussions about Leeds and his training business, and claims Leeds is using the law firm to ‘bully him into deleting the content’. “I will always speak up,” he says,


  1. I saw this. His family avoided all questions regarding danny butcher (the student who killed himself after getting no support from samuel leeds course).

    The family is pathetic. The only reason they came on is because some secrets about their church came to light on the group (the mosaic church). Highly reccomend everyone to join “the truth about samuel leeds” Facebook group

  2. Very odd that the mum and sister of a man who claims to be a ‘multi multi’ millionaire and who deletes anything approaching a critical comment on his own social media channels, should throw around claims of ‘propaganda’ – are they also targeting the BBC, The Telegraph, Alan Sugar, Shaf Rasul and Joe Lycett after their investigations and words of warning about this man? An undercover reporter caught pressure selling to put someone further into debt on camera. This isn’t ‘hateful propaganda’ it’s called cold hard evidence to help people make their own mind up.

  3. The Leeds family are all turning a blind eye to the mountain of negative press, forums, 1 star reviews and awful TV exposure. That’s why he continues to behave how he’s behaving. And that’s why he will end up with nothing Immoral and disrespectful in my opinion and it is all catching up with him.

    He needs a reality check. Sue, Tiff, Pastor Twatter, Russell, Anna and his cling ones need to wake up.

  4. Looks like Scamuwell’s family have got fed up of defending the indefensible and sensibly done a runner.

    And he can’t even be bothered to create a fake account on here to defend himself as he knows the game is up.

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