Many landlords may remember noughties loudmouth Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles for his outspoken rants and the million-pound deal he landed with the BBC.

But few will have suspected that Moyles, who these days is much thinner and greyer than his bad-boy days, can now be counted in their ranks.

The 46-year-old revealed that he is now a landlord on his Radio X show, also announcing that he has a starry tenant – singer-songwriter Tom Grennan.

The pair shared the news after Moyles teased: “So, there’s a secret that Tom and I have, that I’ve not shared with any of you guys – I can’t wait for Tom to start gigging again live and selling tickets to his tour.

“I’m probably more excited than Tom! I can’t wait for the album and the single to come out! I’m his landlord, he’s my tenant.”

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The ex-Radio 1 DJ turned property investor interviewed Grennan about his new album Evering Road and, when asked how it felt to be Moyles’ tenant, the singer replied: “It’s very easy. The house has changed my life, it’s amazing. So Chris has changed my life!”

Moyles added: “It’s a very easy business relationship we have, to the point where we saw each other on the street and he asked if it was OK if his dog was there for a week.

“I said, ‘I don’t care, if he breaks anything, you pay for it’.” He joked: “Tom’s new song will be called ‘I’ve not done a live gig in six months so the rent might be late!’.”

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