Sadiq Khan says he wants to help local trading standards officers and the police spot, deal with and report unethical and illegal activity by landlords in London.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has vowed to get tough on both rogue and unethical landlords by rolling out a training programme for local authorities and the police.

He’s now promoting courses for council housing and trading standards teams in how to deal with unlawful behaviour by rogue landlords including rent-to-rent scams, sub-tenancies, harassment and illegal evictions.

The Mayor’s team is also working with the Metropolitan Police to help officers better respond to illegal eviction calls; they can use his ‘Report a Rogue Landlord or Agent’ tool to log incidents they attend so that council teams can follow up with the tenant and start enforcement action if needed.


Khan believes many of London’s private renters are facing imminent homelessness unless the Government provides more support and acts now to properly protect them from eviction when the ban is lifted.

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He says some unscrupulous landlords and letting agents are even ignoring the ban and threatening renters with eviction.

“Many renters are just one pay cheque away from homelessness,” he says. “It’s completely unacceptable that London renters should be facing a ticking timebomb where they could lose their home.

“Suggestions that landlords and their tenants agree ‘affordable repayment plans’ between themselves is totally unfair, and unrealistic in many cases.” 

In April Khan set out his proposal for a ‘Triple Lock’ protection for renters, calling on the Government to increase welfare support for renters, make section 8 discretionary in court proceedings and scrap section 21 evictions.


  1. “Many renters are just one pay cheque away from homelessness,” and not paying the rent moves them even closer to homelessness. Perhaps Mr Khan should provide tenants with a course on budgeting skills. Landlords will have done, or should have done , an affordability test before agreeing to the tenancy. Is there anything in the landlord’s favour here? anywhere? erm……. nope.

  2. Apparently the aim is to decimate landlords, Khan seemingly intending to do this by bankrupting landlords. Why is it in any way unreasonable to expect tenants to pay any rent owing?


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