A property investment guru couple who disappeared leaving disappointed participants in their investment schemes puzzled as to their whereabouts have popped up as ‘spiritual’ leaders in Australia.

Marta and Lloyd Smith – now known as Riya Loveguard and Aeron Lazar – ran Home Whisperers, a project management and home improvement firm, as well as offering property education.

They were a golden couple who were regulars at networking events and also successfully encouraged investors to part with cash for their business ventures.

Bodacious!, their chain of boutique guest house hotels including the White House hotel in Swansea, was shut down earlier this year.


In a new video just posted on Facebook the couple (main picture) have set out to explain what happened. Says Marta: “We had a big social media following then we decided to play a game of monopoly – we got a hotel – it didn’t end up well.

“We invested £150,000 into a business venture and we had three or four hotels…until the end of last year we were on expensive short-term finance. We were hit by Covid 19 and ordered to stop trading.”

Walk away

In a separate Facebook post, she explains that she’s also closed down her online women’s investment group. She tells viewers: “We’ve learnt you have a right to walk away.”

Lloyd enthuses that he’s now, “reconnected with my higher self and began working with light beings called the Arcturians”.

His website encourages people to activate galactic frequency codes to “unlock your divine potential and step into the life of your dreams!”

anthony burgess

Andrew Burgess, of Property Education Truth Seekers (pictured), says on his latest YouTube video: “Lots of people trusted these two who have now gone on to see aliens.”

Burgess urges investors to think twice before investing in projects touted by unproven gurus like this couple. “Don’t invest, steer clear, keep away from these self-proclaimed internet celebrities,” he says.


  1. They claim – ” We were hit by Covid 19 and ordered to stop trading ”

    Sarah Kent, former mananger of their hotel tells a different story. She says “They shut down in January. No warning to the staff or guests. Just shut the doors and told staff not to come in any more. This was after not paying wages over Xmas. Cutting down on there cleanliness and having 2 linen suppliers remove all there stock due to non payment “

  2. They sold their residential property in December and the business closed down in January so it had nothing to do with COVID. They were already out of the country by then.

  3. They had me there a few years before working for them, no structure to the building work, unrealistic time scales to investors, and no real project management on jobs, I was shocked and could see what was happening and parted ways, and as self employed they deducted my tax awhen they certainly shouldn’t have and issued no payslip of deductions, con artist

  4. They’ve also affected the lives of people that are renting they’re properties! I’m a tenant of his and we are just waiting for that evection letter from the bank because he’s stopped paying the mortgages. Families have been made homeless weeks before Christmas because of this nut job.

  5. I used to work for them, they are absolute con artists. Could write a book of the experiences I had in a few months, had to quit for my mental health. Continually put in unsafe conditions by these two, two of us were almost assaulted by guests – Marta and Lloyd couldn’t care less. All about the money and nothing else, destroyed two hotels The Whitehouse and The Alexander which were both lovely buildings with huge potential before these two wrecked them. Had guests arrive with linen not even changed some days because they wanted to cut back on cleaning – they even told the cleaners if they couldn’t clean the rooms in the allocated time then they wouldnt pay anything over, constantly charged peoples cards for things they shouldn’t have.. Could go on and on.

  6. They were also in hundreds of thousands of debt way way before Covid and hiding from bayliffs in a rental property so that excuse is absolute rubbish.

  7. Also this POS ‘man’ has 2 beautiful daughters he has nothing to do with. Seems to have forgotten to mention that when he talks about life!


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