The Court of Appeal has overturned an earlier judgement by a crown court to reduce a landlord’s Proceeds of Crime Act confiscation order from £455,000 to just £270.

North London landlord Hamid Kamyab now faces having to repay the huge bill after a long wait.

The saga began in July 2007 when Kamyab bought a house on Llanvanor Road in Golders Green (pictured, above) for £612,500 to rent out as an investment property.

He contends the five-bedroom property was bought already converted into nine apartments but Barnet council disagreed and in 2010 served an enforcement notice requiring him to re-convert the property back to its original configuration.

Kamyab did not comply with the enforcement notice for three years and in February 2015 he was convicted of breaching planning regulations and fined £10,000 plus £10,000 legal costs.

Proceeds of crime

Barnet then brought a Proceeds of Crime Act confiscation order against Kamyab, arguing that he had benefitted from the property to the tune of £455,414.

But at the POCA hearing in December 2019 a judge reduced this to £270 ‘in error’ by misreading the original court summons served on Kamyab, the Court of Appeal has now said, and linking his decision incorrectly to a similar case in 2017.

Barnet then sought to appeal the original judge’s ruling, and this has now been allowed – a decision how the situation will be remedied will be taken at a later date.

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  1. Typical that the the Proceeds of Crime Act which was brought in to supposedly get the cash back from real criminals such as Drug dealers , terrorists, murderers etc is now being enforced on landlords, criminal masterminds that they are!

  2. @mark kaye well said!

    Yet, is it not the case, and for several years now – that Landlord’s are seen as the root of all evil, lowest of the low, vile etc. and the very act of being a Landlord, in certain eyes – is criminal itself 😳

    I’ll not mention Shelter, of which every single Landlord in their militant eyes: should automatically be seen as nefarious and heinous humans, in their eyes there is not many lower than Landlord’s, yrs, d@mn government(s) haven’t helped, and agency’s who supposedly are on our side: at times – have been rather quite/disappearing, that’s why we rather immediately stopped all our subs, no spine some of them!! Much preferring to cosy up then fight for the ones who have continuously funded them!

    Landlord’s = multitasking, and a good example is how recently, with one of our tenant family, sadly, they contacted us to say they are splitting up, oh dear.

    Our initial response was that hope they ALL are OK, and that we are here for them all and anything 24/7.

    Many landlord’s don’t actually know that they have hidden talents m, if so wish, as we never knew how decent at counseling we were.

    As 3 weeks on and they are now staying together, simply a lovely couple and kids are all great, to point out that we always keep our professional distance, as you learn to know from afar!

    To think, what hassles we have saved for the local council.

    Yet, sh!te setups like shelter would twist and turn this to suit their vile own needs and attacks on Landlord’s.

    My apologies, tangent and going off on one!!

    Sadly, it gets to you with all the rubbish unfortunately aimed unnecessarily at Landlord’s, but we still fight on!!

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