The English government has executed a minor U-turn on its Green Home Grants Scheme and re-framed the requirement for sub-contractors to be Trustmark registered or certified through the previous Green Deal PAS or MCS schemes.

These certification conditions, although designed to keep cowboy operators out of the multi-billion pound grant scheme, have helped contribute to a dearth of builders and installers available to do Green Homes Grants work.

As we have reported before, accredited tradespeople have been almost impossible to find who have gaps in their schedules for additional work, and I some area many don’t bother to even reply to enquiries.

The department looking after the scheme, BEIS, says the prime contractor will retain responsibility for the installation, including the installation requirements set in the PAS/MCS standards, and meeting the consumer protection requirements of Trustmark.

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“This is common practice in the industry that PAS or MCS certified installers use subcontractors to carry out work on projects, and this is explicitly covered in the standards to ensure quality is maintained.

NRLA Deputy Director of Campaigns, Meera Chindooroy (pictured, below) says: “Yesterday’s announcement is good news for landlords. 

“We have had an incredible amount of interest from our members following the Green Homes Grant announcement.

“However, we heard from a large proportion of members who said they were having huge problems finding local installers with capacity to carry out the work and this was causing a backlog.

“We fed these case studies back to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to highlight our concerns.

“We welcome the news of these changes and encourage landlords to make use of this important initiative.”

The NRLA has long campaigned for further funding to be made available to help landlords to go above and beyond the legal minimum of energy efficiency measures set out by the Government for the PRS. 

With the grants, which were extended to March 2022, landlords will be able to claim up to £5,000 per rental property.

Read more about the installer changes.


  1. Applied for my voucher 6 weeks ago – heard nothing. Lack of contractors is only the first hurdle.

    And why would I want the work done by an unregistered contractor?!!

  2. i spoke to both green homes grant and simple energy advice, and neither of them confirmed this or seem to know anything about it. In fact they both denied it. Gsn you point me to an official page confirming this?

    Thanks Jake

  3. Hi thanks for the comments. We have been assured by the National Residential Landlords Association, who released their commentary on the day this story was published – based on their contacts in government which are both substantial and reliable, that the story is accurate. But official guidance appears not to have been changed, which is puzzling.

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