An influential energy coalition has called for EPC ratings to be linked to stamp duty in a bid to encourage homeowners and landlords to invest in home insulation and protect against rising bills.

The Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group, made up of industry, businesses and charities, has written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak urging him to support a new Energy Saving Stamp Duty Incentive.

This aims to encourage people to either buy a more energy-efficient home or incentivise them to make it more energy-efficient afterwards by installing insulation or a heat pump. Households would be charged a lower level of stamp duty for doing so.

Homeowners are being encouraged to get their properties to EPC band C by 2035, while – if the new energy efficiency bill gets the green light – landlords will have to meet the target by December 2025 on new tenancies and on all rented properties by December 2028. There is mounting concern that this could spark many to quit the sector.

The group says that with so many millions of homes to retrofit, its concept of a long-term structural incentive is necessary to engage and prepare the market, and it believes this could prove more effective and simpler than a large-scale, short-term, costly grant programme – while also being revenue-neutral.

david adams epc stamp duty

Speaking on BBC You and Yours, spokesman David Adams explained: “Stamp duty would be calculated then nudged up and down around a neutral point based on the energy performance of that dwelling, so the better performing the home from an energy perspective, the lower the stamp duty paid.

“If work is undertaken within the first two years, you can get a new EPC and then resubmit that, and you would get a rebate for the difference in stamp duty to what you paid originally and what you would have paid had that work already been undertaken.”


  1. Before using EPCs to alter SDLT or mortgage rates or anything else it MUST be altered to be an accurate measure of energy efficiency. At present linking anything to the EPC is pointless because it is a measure of cost not efficiency. It is so flawed that it is almost worthless.

    Personally I will not be spending money to achieve a nonsense rating on my home or my rentals, instead I will be selling my rentals and letting someone else deal with this folly.

  2. OK so I can do an EPC training course for £1k

    Then charge Band E property sellers £500 each to give them a Band A result.

    10 of those a week and close my EPC Company after a year or just before anyone decides to check me (probably never then).

    Nice £250k a year job for someone.

    And trust me, there will be plenty of people quick to see this opportunity.

  3. Simular subject but Already informed one of my tenants that by 2027 I will be ending the tenancy, the house is band D and will cost a fortune to get to C built in 1895 ! 300 house down the street only 2 have band C at the moment.

  4. When is this going to be cast in stone from parliament?Ive known about this before energy assessors some 18 months ago .Landlords with large portfolios have just under 3 years now to comply with no solid guidance!!

  5. Heat pumps, what a laugh. Don’t work in old draughty houses without underfloor insulation and heating. All rads need increasing and then run at 40 degrees. My tenants call me out if the rads dont take their finger prints off. My heating engineer reckons this will be the next miss selling scandal. Bill’s will go up in old houses and people will still feel cold.

    • Yup. It seems that those that dream up these crazy ideas have never fitted or even know how to fit a central heating system & have literally no idea how they work. Surely it’d make sense to employ those with knowledge & experience in heating systems to make the rules. The current rule makers are not qualified to advise or tell landlords what to do regarding heating systems – ridiculous. Jobs for the boys who are clueless. Indeed I wonder how many of them have ever done any type of property renovation or maintenance with their own hands?

    • Totally agree – Heat Pumps are the next ‘diesel cars’ fiasco that governments promoted and some major manufacturers worked out how to get passed the mot smoke/emissions tests!

  6. I agree EPCs are not fit for purpose, I read on another forum that a landlord had fitted a new ELECTRIC boiler and that had made his EPC worse (down a band)🤷‍♂️ As they are not yet recognised on the accessors EPC system.
    I to will be selling one of my properties with is single brick, but otherwise a perfectly good property and every tenant that has rented it has loved it and stayed years.
    The rest of my portfolio will need some boiler upgrades from standard to combi boilers enough of a cost on it’s own but if I decide to stay in the sector probably manageable if I can spread over a few years.
    If not more tenants out on the street, AND THAT IS NOT WHY I GOT INTO BUY TO LET
    Can any one tell me why the government is so against the people that help them house all the people they can not?
    And why they want to turn us good landlords into bad landlords, there is that much legislation that even the experts agree we can not possibly keep up with it all, and then the unnecessary costs which leave us with no money to carry out general maintenance as we have done for years.

  7. Where are we going to get the money to comply with these regulations? We are pensioners and live hand to mouth as it is. Our rented house is currently classed a D. No one seems to answer the question what will bring it to C and how much will it cost? The current suggestions and the way the EPC is carried out is definately NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. Where is the tenant going to stay when all this work is carried out? Who pays? Can we send the bill to Boris Johnson? He would only lie his way out of it. We have spoken to the people who issue the EPC at their headquarters, who said that they could not discuss this with us. “Compay policy” they kept repeating. Where will all this end?

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