Landlords need more support if they are to help house fleeing Ukrainians, according to the National Residential Landlords Association.

Following the Home Secretary’s announcement that 100,000 extra refugees will be allowed to come to the UK, chief executive Ben Beadle says it’s right that the country provides all the support needed to those fleeing the conflict.

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“We urge all private landlords to consider what accommodation they might have available to house those who want to come here,” adds Beadle (pictured).

“To assist with this, it is vital that the government swiftly provides details as to how landlords can easily register properties that might be suitable for those who need homes.” 

In answer to a question about what the government was going to do about a lack of accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers, Home Office minister Kevin Foster told the Commons: “We are certainly concerned about the lack of suitable accommodation across the United Kingdom in terms of dispersal areas, which is why we are keen to sign up new areas to become dispersal areas.”

Priti Patel said it had lowered various requirements and salary thresholds so that refugees could be supported.

“Where family members of British nationals do not meet the usual eligibility criteria but pass security checks, UK Visas and Immigration will give them permission to enter the UK outside the rules for 12 months and is prioritising all applications to give British nationals and any person settled in the UK the ability to bring over their immediate Ukrainian family members.”

She added that the government was enabling Ukrainian nationals already in the UK to switch free of charge into a points-based immigration route or to the family visa route.

“We are extending visas for Ukraine temporary workers in some sectors, and they can now stay until at least December 2022.”


  1. Yet again, no backbone at the NRLA

    Why aren’t they reminding the Government that the UK cannot even house UK citizens – never mind the thousands from Syria, Afghanistan and cross channel, so where do they think those 100,000 from Ukraine are moving in to?

    Yes, we need to support the people of Ukraine.

    BUT, the NRLA need to publicise FACTS, not the ever willing to appease attitude they always take.

    It’s amazing how quickly Governments can act when they have to – the time has come for them to force through a new housebuilding program.

    Or us greedy landlords can get richer as demand continues to outstrip supply – and more rogue landlords look to make a few extra quid from the unfortunate.

    • Hello, my name is Andrii, I am bringing my family from Ukraine because of the war to UK, London- wife and two girls 6 and 1o years old. We all have legal status in UK. I do have a job in London. The problem is I rent a small double room around Wembley area and I can not afford to rent a place for my family. I see there are many people willing to help and this is great, maybe someone could help us, thank you!

  2. I won’t be offering my houses, much as I would like to support the Ukrainians. I’m looking for long term tenants ie those who will want to stay until 2028 at which point I will have no choice other than to sell my properties that don’t meet EPC Level C.

  3. Totally with you there Berlingo. The government keep bashing landlords to score points to be re elected and then they want us to help them out. The EPC thing is going to force me to sell a few of my houses now and then the rest when they make it a B. We all need to support the people i Ukraine but the government needs to help us if they want our help, Don’t know about you but I’m not rich and the EPC C is going to force me to sell some houses to finance the upgrades on the ones I can keep.

  4. You are full of crap. Plenty of people have plenty of room and the willingness to take in Ukrainian Refugees. Please do the service of informing us about when and how this will be possible.

  5. Would love to help but why should we. UK government doesnt help us were reducing porfolios and getting rid of any tenants. We have 50% DSS tenants of 20 houses so the UK government needs to find homes for them first. Thanks for the legislation and then freezing rents now help yourselves. Use temporary housing at extortionate costs from the sharks! Long term landlords with 2 year horizons on capital return wont be coming back! Oh yeah the idea of larger landlords only have rents that start a £1000+ so dont help those that need help!

  6. Added capital gains will incurr on my house so cant help. Woukd though. Why not put refugees in the Oligarths huge homes, give them some luxury.

  7. I have availability, you know what pisses me off is the attitude of some of the landlords here, they embody greed and selfishness and give others a bad name. Horrible.

  8. A few people asking for advice on how to help. Is anyone able to offer this advice or point people in the right direction?

  9. Hi

    I`m Daniel and i`m living in UK from 2007. I`m working and i`m living from 19/12/2007 in 2 bad flat which normally is a 1 bed flat. We have 3 children, 19 years boy, almost 18 years girl and 9 year girl. I`m British citizen, my wife is Ukrainian citizen with indefinite leave to remain and papers for Naturalization, and we would like to change this flat because we don`t have enough space for our family and as well my wife`s mother have to come here because she is from Ukraine. Being alone over there i can`t leave her like this. That`s why i would like to ask you if there is someone who have a 4 bed house to rent, somewhere in east London for us. Unfortunately I’m the only one who`s bringing income in the house for the moment and i can`t afford to pay deposit.
    Please if there is someone who can accept us without deposit we`ll appreciate. We will rent for long time, how i told you at this address we lived more than 14 years.

  10. I have spare rooms but would need support with heating, lighting, water, council tax and food supplies. Would there be support with this and how would we go about it?

  11. One of the two flats I have becomes vacant in April, and I am putting it up for sale, but during the conveyancing time I want to find out how I can make it available to, most probably, a mother with 2 children as it is only one bedroom. I would need to know basic costs can be met, ie council tax and utilities. Who can advise me? Maybe there are families in the UK who can support their relatives financially but don’t have the room. I would do the same for people from Afghanistan, Syria etc.but generally such people need something more settled. This would be for maybe 6 months.

  12. hello i own my bungalow i have two spare bedrooms one double and one smaller one one but it can hold a double bed or bunkbeds i have a garden , but the only thing i ask is i have two dogs labradours they are lovley please im willing to help kind regars margaret helen maloney

  13. I have a beutiful one bedroom flat up in scotland that i rent out, no one in it at the minute, would love to house a small ukrain family, does the goverment help pay the rent as i have a small morgage on the flat?

  14. Keen as I am to help, from an admittedly selfish perspective, should you need the property / room back for whatever reason, how easy will that be to achieve?

  15. With many landlords offering accommodation to the Ukrainians, it should’nt be beyond the Govt to come up with guidance as to how it can best be achieved.

  16. We already have thousands of homeless people in the UK and many thousands more in cramped, dilapidated housing. We have ex servicemen and women living on the streets and families with children living in the most appalling accommodation. Many people are on endless housing lists and wait years for somewhere stable to live.

    Of course people in the Ukraine need urgent help, but you can only help if you have the means to help. To all the kind people saying they’ll take in Ukranian families, why weren’t they already helping the people here with nowhere to live? Many UK homeless are British, but many are from war torn countries all over the world. They are already here and they need help too.

    I would say when looking at what any country can do to help refugees, you would take into account the land mass of each country, its available resources, the wealth of the population etc. Larger countries with smaller populations could be better placed to receive more refugees than the UK. If we’re going to accept unlimited numbers of refugees every time there’s a crisis elsewhere in the world, then very soon we won’t be able to sustain any kind of standard of living for anyone.

  17. I want to put together a consortium of like minded people who don’t have space, but might be able to spare enough to rent a furnished property? Can anybody offer any advice

  18. Its the same old same old, they don’t want the landlords but cant do without them. I’ve lost count of the different calls I’ve had from various agencies supporting just about every sector of society wanting accommodation only to be let down in everyway at the end of it. Stick with what you know is what I say and it works

  19. I, like many, would love to help. But this has been made imposible by the govt, Generation Rent etc & many of the new & upcoming regs.
    I cannot afford to risk a tenant of unknown history move into a property, as if they decided they did not wish to move out, It would literally takes years for me to be able to regain possession of it again (if ever). Also upcoming EPC regs mean that I will need vacant possession to sell it & leave the PRS. So sad that it is simply not possible. I hope those respondsible are happy now with all their new regulations.

  20. if you let another family share your house would you need to apply for HMO licence, because there would be 2 families and more than 3 people living together?


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