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Leading property firm says landlords have fallen between the cracks as the government has moved to protect both employed and self-employed workers.

Small private landlords should get the same 80% salary guarantee as other workers to help make up for lengthy reductions in rental income, according to a leading asset management firm.

The call follows the recent announcements that employees and the self-employed are to access a scheme that pays 80% of their income up to £2,500 a month for three months, but which misses out landlords who do not fall into either camp.

Spicerhaart Corporate Sales believes mortgage holidays may not go far enough and is calling on the Government to extend its salary guarantee to landlords’ rental income following the news that all evictions will be frozen for at least three months.

“While a blanket freeze on all possessions activity will protect tenants in the short term, it’s bound to lead to an accumulation of arrears that will be all the harder to deal with once the freeze is lifted,” says Managing Director Mark Pilling.

“If there seem to be no consequences to non-payment, some struggling tenants will naturally prioritise other bills, and will be more likely to ignore attempts to communicate with them to manage the situation.

“A three-month ban on possessions activity will result in even longer spells without rental income – possibly six months or more of state-enforced void periods.”

Landlords relying on income from only a small number of properties will find payment holidays on buy-to-let mortgages of limited help, says Pilling, and if one or more of these isn’t generating an income for a long time, it could cause families real financial difficulty.

He adds: “Rental income is subject to income tax – to say nothing of the Stamp Duty premium paid by buy-to-let landlords. It seems only fair that it should be subject to the same Government guarantees as other income affected by the restrictions currently in place.”

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Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Not only residential landlords. So far, the Government has not announced any support/assistance for landlords of commercial property whose tenants are refusing to pay rent. I think that where a landlord voluntarily offers some reduction or rent-free or rent-holiday then no assistance is justified. But unless a landlord can afford to be generous, there is no reason for landlords of commercial property to be out of pocket.

    • This is what’s happening to me the tenant has stopped paying me rent and utility bills, claiming all the government lending grants or loans just to move into a bigger shop. Leaving me without income, bills needing to be paid and I haven’t got the money to do it. What can I do who do I ask for help?

  2. I have a tenant who is now suffering mental health issues, damaging the property and causing neighbours distress.
    Despite many police, ambulance, fire service and crisis team attendance she is not getting the help she needs in a secure unit.
    I cannot evict her.
    I need in days need to have a CP12. She is not letting anyone in, do I shut the boiler off?
    I cannot be alone with mounting problems and costs.

    • I would speak to a adult mental health social worker from the area that she lives in. If she has mental health issues she can be detained under the mental health act. Provided two social workers and a doctor make that assessment.
      She should already have an appointed social worker from the mental health act and they will point you in the right direction. Also write to the local council housing department and tell them the rent is in arrears and they may even transfer it straight to you every month. Best thing to do is find out who is her assigned social worker. They will assist you. Shak

  3. Re the Cp12: Ensure you have documented proof that you have consistently endeavoured to gain access to perform the Gas Safety check. Do not disconnect the boiler. You would need proof that the boiler is faulty and endangering life, otherwise It could be interpreted as harassment. Have you tried Enviromental Health ? She is potentially endangering herself and neighbours -but in our experience councils will only advise private landlords -they say take her to court -good luck with that !

  4. As I London landlord my issue is not with tenants affording rent, my tenants simply giving notice and moving out. I have got from zero voids to 10% of voids coming up in 2 weeks, with much more to come, and no prospect of filling them. Cannot survive if this keeps up and zero support from government. Ability to pay does not mean WILLINGNESS to stay. If you are working from home and London is shut, there is no point renting in London.

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