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A new law aimed at helping landlords evict antisocial tenants is going through Parliament and should soon face a final reading.

Section 89 of the Antisocial Behaviour Crime and Policing Bill will give landlords the power to go to court to repossess a home from a tenant demonstrating ongoing antisocial behaviour, even if the offence was committed away from the home.

Five conditions are written into the law that a landlord must prove before a court.

They state that a tenant, someone who lives with them or someone visiting the home was:

  • Convicted of a serious offence
  • Found by a court to have breached an injunction to prevent nuisance and annoyance obtained under Section 1 of the Bill
  • Has a conviction for breach of a criminal behaviour order
  • Has a conviction for breaking a noise abatement order at the home
  • Or the home has been closed under a closure order obtained under Section 73 of the Bill and the total period of closure was more than 48 hours.

As an extra power, Section 90 of the Bill will allow a landlord to repossess a home if a tenant, someone living with them or a visitor is guilty of conduct likely to cause nuisance or annoyance to the landlord or agent and the running of the property.

This section relates to serious problems like prostitution or dealing drugs.

Section 91 will let a landlord to evict a tenant convicted at the scene of a riot anywhere in the UK.

If passed, the landlord is obliged to tell the buyer if an antisocial tenant is living in the home.

The Bill is a ‘tidy up’ of general police administration, new laws and amendments to old ones involving dangerous dogs and firearms.


Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Unfair to Landlords

    I can\’t understand that why dose the council and police helps the tenant more than the landlords?

    Council only advise the tenant that DON\’T avict the house till your landlord send you a court notice and also you don\’t have to move till you have belief on your door. How is this right? Council do not want to deal with the problems and instead of helping landlords who has big financial responsibility, one who pays the tax they but yet they choose to favor the tenant.

    I think this is really unfair to landlord like myself. I have few property but my main fear to rent the property\’s are the tenants misusing the law and us not having a good support from the government/law.

    I think the council and goverment need to understand if they will continue doing this way than in my opinion it\’s like giving a thief or a robber an idea how to steal legally.

    I know this country is better in many factors like healthcare benifits, old pepole benifits, etc…than other country\’s but I think there is very thin line between being kind and being fool. If the government do not get their act right than they might be just crossing that line and present tham self as fool.

    Why dose this human rights apples to the tenants and not the landlords? Tenant who is not paying the rent is just like scoters or worse they don\’t have to worry about Mortages, gas bill, Electric bill or for that matter anything. They still go out for movie, food and also a holiday but to pay rent they don\’t have the money but if it\’s scoters than the service providers would have refunded the chargers. I\’m not saying that\’s enough because you still loose the rental income till unpaid tenant are in your property.

    If the law is not stricken soon than I think there will be a more abuse of law.
    If the government do not have a time to treat this in a priority than I would request that they pass the law that till the tenant do not pay or till the council find something suitable for this type of tenant landlord will not loose their rental income and all the bill will be waived.

    If government wishes to do charity or in other word wants to be kind that they do at their expanse but not force landlords like my self to be a part of it.

    We should also have a right for what we would like to do.


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