Isle of Skye company offers mainlanders a place to escape the pandemic for £3,100 but promotion backfires after leading politician savages it online.

A landlord promoting his holiday homes on the Isle of Skye as somewhere for guests to escape the threat of coronavirus has sparked an outcry on social media.

For £3,100 a month, up to eight people can stay in one of Skye Serviced Accommodation’s 23 lets or ‘isolation solutions’ where holidaymakers can protect their loved ones after being tested to ensure they’re all illness-free.

Owner Ben Greer will provide food and supplies to temporary tenants for £100 per person per night – however, they have to pay up front and agree to stay for at least one month. This buys a food delivery, but not the food itself, a weekly change of towels and linens and a cleaning kit for the property.

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Comparing the pandemic to warfare, his online listing explains: “I am an ex-Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter crewman having served six operational front-line tours of Afghanistan. I understand what an emergency is and will go as far as it takes to mitigate transmission of the current threat.”

It adds: “I cannot guarantee that you won’t get the virus here, but I can say that the risks are severely cut to a minimum and that we will use all available powers to deliver a sanitised and procedurally safe environment.”

The listing was attacked by many for profiteering on social media, including Scottish Greens MSP Andy Wightman, who tweeted: “The country faces a crisis. Folk can’t afford homes on Skye. But this scumbag outfit is advertising 23 short-term lets for self-isolation.”


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