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Landlord TV Documentary:

A new BBC documentary series entitled “The Week the Landlords Moved In” has landlords swapping places with their tenants to experience life on the flipside.

The first airing last week showed a wealthy landlord break down in tears after he swaps accommodation with his tenant and experiences for himself, not only the grimy conditions that his pensioner tenant lives in every day, but also living on a low income.

The father and son landlord team Peter and Marc experienced living off their pensioner tenant Linda Chadwell Heath’s weekly budget of £54.12.

The hard hitting documentary saw landlord Marc reduced to tears when he saw Linda’s mouldy two-bed apartment, saying:

“I pride myself on being a good landlord, and this isn’t an impression I would like to paint.

“I don’t want anybody living in these conditions.

“It’s almost like a poverty trap. I never imagined it would be like this.”

Another landlord featured, millionaire landlord Paul Preston, 40, admitted that he has “expensive tastes” living in a luxury apartment as he does with his personal trainer girlfriend Prea, who he refers to in the show as “Queen P” because of her “craving for luxury.”

Paul has made a fortune dividing homes up into separate bedsits, and renting them out by the room, and just to emphasise the point he calls his business “Success HQ”.

“I like the finer things in life,” says Preston.

“We have a fantastic lifestyle with lots of great holidays. Our outgoings per week come to about £1,500,” he tells the cameras.

Tenant Hayley, 29, lives in one of Preston’s houses, but he gets a shock when he swaps homes with her. Hayley has lived in his Milton Keynes property, which she claims is infested with rats, for the last 18 months.

Preston says in the programme that it is not necessary to know his tenants personally to run a good lettings business, but he soon comes to realise he was not aware of the true situation in his accommodate.

Ween showing her accommodation, tenant Hayley explains: “The walls are covered in mould. The windows aren’t very secure. It looks disgusting. It looks dirty, it looks grubby.” There is a washing line made out of telephone wire says Hayley.

“This house does not feel like a home. To be honest I don’t think my landlord considers us. Probably only sees it as if the room is vacant or full. We’ve got a bit of a rat problem. I think there’s a bit of a large family living in the shed.”

Hi his defence, Paul Preston says to camera:

“In respect of the furry family, it is something that happens in built up areas. So there’s obviously a balance of we can fix what we know about.”

Please Note: This Article is 5 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. These landlords taking part in these programmes are pretty damn cynical: don’t tell me that they were not aware of the defects in their properties, which they then proceed to put right for the benefit of the cameras. Why didn’t they out things right before?


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