A rogue landlord has been fined for allowing 20 people to live in her unlicensed HMO.

Siddika Begum, of Hawthorn Close in Salisbury, admitted the offence, as well as falsifying information and failing to provide gas, electrical and fire safety certificates for the property – also in Hawthorn Close.

Swindon Magistrates Court heard that the three-storey house in a residential road was continually occupied from March 2019 to September 2020 by up to 20 Romanian adults and their children, many of whom were local shift workers using it to ‘hot-bed’. 

Wiltshire Council reported that the property was overcrowded and unregulated. Not only did it pose a potential health and safety risk to the occupants, but the neighbours were also impacted by significant levels of anti-social behaviour, large amounts of domestic waste causing rats, together with fly tipping and various motor offences including a large number of unpaid parking fines. 

During the investigation, Begum denied that the property was being used as an HMO and claimed she lived there with a couple of friends, despite evidence to the contrary. She was fined £3,104 and ordered to pay costs of £1,224, plus a victim surcharge.

Councillor Phil Alford, cabinet member for housing says: “The evidence required to take this case to prosecution couldn’t have been achieved without the assistance of many different agencies, including Wiltshire Police and was particularly challenging given the Coronavirus situation at the time.”

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  1. There’ll always be somebody who will take advantage of people and there will always be people so desperate for housing that they’ll be taken advantage of. I hope these people manage to find somewhere affordable and suitable to live in.

  2. The vast majority of EU citizens in the UK left a perfectly good home to travel to the UK simply to earn more money. They are second home owners in some cases and should be taxed accordingly paying the additional second home stamp duty however the govt wilfully ignores the obvious facts.

    I don’t have a “Home abroad” nether do the vast majority of people on council housing waiting lists.

    All EU citizens should prove that they were homeless when they arrived in the UK to even qualify to get on the housing list, fact is they were not homeless, they already had accommodation in their own country.

    About time the UK stopped trying to accommodate everyone in the world and started to develop clear sensible housing policies that reflect reality, then there would be far less pressure to build more housing and rents and house prices would also not increase over and above inflation rates basic economics says that if demand falls then so do prices.

    • Unfortunately the EU scum were allowed in unfettered by idiot Blair.

      About 4 million of these EU migrants have been allowed to remain.

      Yet other EU countries AREN’T allowing Brits to remain.

      These EU migrants have massively distorted the UK housing market.

      Had Blair not allowed them all in there would be no housing crisis.

      But we are where we are.
      EU migrants have been able to illegally occupy rental properties lowering rental costs for each of them.
      Making it viable to work for very cheap wages.
      Thus undercutting the British workers who cannot afford to work for such cheap wages.

      Mass overcrowding by EU migrants is endemic in the UL PRS facilitated largely by criminal LL.

      Unfortunately it will take decades for sufficient housing to be built to cope with the 4 million EU immigrants.

      Those immigrants have displaced British citizens so it is no surprise that there are about 4 million in need of housing.

      Overcrowding like this wilm continue for decades

      Though thankfully with BrExit the UK can now restrict EU migration

      I’m surprised that RRO haven’t ben applied to this criminal LL even though the tenants were illegal.

      • As a respectable LL i suffered ongoing issues with a property in Boston (Polish migrants hot bedding) Agents were useless… Every year when the boiler was inspected the plumber would phone me with the same old story… “Loads of mattresses all over the house again”

        Needless to say that property is no longer in my portfolio, it went to a second marriage middle aged couple so is no longer available for rent in the PRS… That is the reality of life. Less properties available for rent because of bad behaviour by EU citizens means less available for local “Brits”… Once again the good punished for the bad behaviour of others.

        Of course Gen rent, shelter and the govt wilfully ignore these facts and continue to persecute investors in the PRS.

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