London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on the next Tory PM to force landlords to pay tenants’ moving costs when asking them to move out of a property where the renter is not at fault.

His comments were made during a debate within the London Assembly on housing issues in the capital and included a call to extend notice period passed the current two-month minimum and freeze rents in the city for two years until the cost of living crisis subsides.

“It is really important whoever becomes the next Conservative Leader and therefore our Prime Minister commits to deliver on these as soon as possible,” he told Assembly members.

During the short speech Khan also claimed that many of the proposals within the government’s recent ‘Fairer Renting’ White Paper were his originally, including banning Section 21 evictions, introducing open-ended tenancies and reforming possession grounds.

“I am also pleased to see the inclusion of a property portal, the landlord register I have campaigned for and which will build on the success of the Rogue Landlord and Agent Checker I published and established in London in the absence of Government action,” he said.

More power

Khan went on to call for all mayors including himself to be given powers to regulate the private renting sector.

His remit, like most mayors around the UK, only includes overseeing the fire and police services, transport, economic development and the power to create development corporations.

Khan’s only powers within the housing sector are to oversee ‘strategic development’ largely through a planning lens.

He urged the government to: “Give those in charge of the Londons, the Manchesters, the Bristols, Oxford and Cambridgeshire, where there are all issues around the cost of living, particularly in relation to private rents, the power to do more in this area in relation to freezing rents, rent controls, the quality of housing and so forth,” he said.


  1. If S21 is being abolished (his idea apparently) why do we need this? And why does he think LLs are immune from the cost of living crisis? Does he know how much mortgages have /are going up? Oh and by the way due to S24 you can only offset part of your mortgage costs if you are a higher rate tax payer.

    Khan appears to have confused LLs with social housing – we are not a charity but a business! It’s no wonder LLs are leaving in droves!

    • I agree with you. I have just got my property back after 6 months of legal wrangling, and yes, tenants owe thousands in rent. there is no help or support for landlords in my situation, I am selling the property and am leaving the PRS completely. the extra rules, regulations and costs have made it impossible to survive.
      I am not surprised that landlords are selling up and not investing in property.
      Khan is completely ignorant of what goes on in the real world.
      good luck all you landlords- you will need it.

  2. But Mr Khan(t) will be building 100,000 social homes for tenants to move in to.

    He won’t need the PRS in London so we wont need to be too concerned once the properties have been sold.

  3. It’s scary how little idea these people in power have got. Almost everything they say they will do to help tenants is just going to result in higher rents.

    • Khan, the most useless incompetent moron in London. He ruined London and killed local businesses.

      Maybe he could compensate all the landlords for unpaid rent and damaged properties.

  4. There is a reason why Mayors are not given powers, because of clueless individuals like Mr Khan.

    He is the most dangerous type of politician, saying only what is popular and not actually doing the right thing.

    Heaven forbid he tries to tackle knife crime and actually do some good rather than easy targets, who pay lots of tax, council tax and many other fees, that ensure London has plenty of money to pay for his hairbrained schemes.

    The sooner this muppet is gone, the better for everyone.

  5. Sorry and one other thing, maybe sort out the dire conditions of social housing in London before taking a dig out the PRS, where higher standards are enforced by local councils and fines payable if not kept.

    Joke of a man, he needs to either sack his researchers, or actually open his eyes.

  6. Final comment, maybe if PRS is in dire need of the reform you say it needs, perhaps, you could get off your lazy backside and get the required social housing built, then the would be less need for a PRS, giving individuals the chance to live in the amazing social housing system, where rents don’t go up (in fact they are guaranteed to go up every year), and are kept in perfect conditions (except you cannot complain to environmental health – as they will not investigate their own council).

    The simple fact is, if the social housing system was not in the dire straits that it is, then you would not need the PRS market.

    I also wonder, with the consistent attacks on the PRS, and with many landlords leaving the market, you are actually making the number of properties available to people even less?

    Maybe take time to listen to the council housing department, who are practically begging PRS landlords not to leave because their left with the unenviable task of trying to house people (as the council are duty bound to house a homeless individual) with an ever shrinking rental market.

    My goodness, you really are a stupid, egocentric individual, whose legacy will be increased knife crime, and no where near enough social housing built.

  7. This is not all he is proposing! Sadiq Khan Is also proposing the following:

    1) Where a tenant is found to be not at fault he says that private landlords should pay for full counselling and/or psychotherapy for tenants and any of their family for up to 12 months following eviction.

    2) In extreme case courts will be allowed to rule that the landlord must provide the tenants and their close family with either a 2 week all expenses paid holiday on the Costa del Sol or similar or a one week stay at a luxury London hotel – I believe The Ritz and Savoy have already signed up to the Mayor’s scheme.

    3) Where a court considers a landlord has acted maliciously then the landlord will be forced to pay for 6 months anger management therapy and then make an abject apology to the tenant(s).

    4) The penalty for failure to fully comply with the above will render the landlord unfit. Thus he or she will be fined £10000 and have to wear an armband at all times stating “I AM AN UNFIT LANDLORD”. Failure to do this will mean that the letter “L” will be tattooed by a local authority registered tattooist on the landlord’s forehead and forearm.

    Finally, registered members of Generation Rent will be permitted to randomly whack such landlords with wet rolled up copies of The Guardian (or New Statesman) for up to no more than one month following such conviction.

  8. Khan… The political equivalent of the Invisible Man….

    Has to come up with totally ludicrous nonsense in order to get his boat race in the papers.

  9. Remember that Govts of all hues are coming for LL wealth.

    The reason being that is where the money is.

    So increased CGT
    NIC on rental income
    S24 LL would be charged NIC on their mortgage debt interest income!!

    Govts intend to squeeze LL until the pips squeak.

    LL are simply a hated profession for which society believes cannot be taxed too much.

    Bashing LL is definitely not electoral damaging.

    It is also a very frightening fact that Corbyn only lost the GE by about 2500 votes.
    This when you consider the marginal votes.

    Being an AST LL is now a very risky proposition.

    LL are trying their best to diversify but the PTB are now trying to corral those LL back into the AST sector.

    Essentially defacto nationalisation as social housing.

    For Govt it is extremely useful to force LL to use their private capital to subsidise tenant lifestyles.

    Personally I have removed my private capital completely from the PRS.

    It now sits socially useless in savings accounts.
    It used to house 16 people!!

    I intend to buy a 4 bed house.
    Then take in 3 lodgers.
    Only single unrelated individuals.

    I’ve worked I can make more profit from that situation than I ever did from tenants.

    Yes loss of privacy but compared to the stress of being an AST LL a walk in the park!!!

  10. You have to play them at their own game, if you get taken to court clutch your chest and hit the deck so they have to delay the hearing and then comes the mental health issues which will delay even further etc etc, I have been a landlord for 40 years now and had enough of politicians who know nothing of the real issues and only interested in pursueing some twisted idealogical agenda. The benefits monkey who has no interest in working has finally won and is valued above anyone else.

  11. It’s really worrying that a vindictive socialist moron like Khan can get elected as mayor of London. I think he has small man syndrome.

  12. Actually I don’t blame Khan…..I blame all those nutters that voted him back in power!! What a ridiculous little man he is.

  13. Perhaps Mr Khan should have the landlord pay back all the rent paid and throw in a free all expenses paid holiday as well! Don’t expect he has thought of that one yet?


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