Green party candidate Sian Berry has taken aim at landlords in the capital in her bid to oust London mayor Sadiq Khan.

The long-term renter pledged to strengthen renters’ rights, provide security from unfair evictions and protect them from soaring rents if she wins the upcoming election.

Her manifesto includes winning rent control powers, fighting for the abolition of no-fault evictions, and supporting renters to set up co-ops to buy out their landlords.

Berry has lived in six rented properties since moving to London in 1997 and has focused on renters’ rights as an assembly member.

In 2016 she published the My Big Renters Survey which highlighted the scale of dissatisfaction among London’s renters, with problems including rocketing rent costs, incomplete repairs, lost deposits and fear of losing their homes at the end of each annual contract.

Rent controls

She says she pushed the current mayor for more than three years to acknowledge the need for rent controls in London, pushed back on dodgy definitions of ‘affordable’ housing, achieved a big change in policy to give residents the power to vote down plans that demolish council homes, and won cross party support for ring-fenced funding for young people facing homelessness.

As the official election period begins this week, leading up to the vote on 6th May, she has also promised to work with mayors from other cities to force change.

Says Berry: “Almost every other major city has lower rents than London. Almost every other EU country has better protections for tenants. London needs a mayor who will be a real champion for renters, bringing down skyrocketing rents and bringing up the standards of housing. It’s time for a Green mayor.”

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  1. The Greens wanted to introduce an ‘eco-side’ law. Just like homicide, but one for crimes against the environment. The first people who should be charged with such a crime are the Green Party.

    The Greens in UK have done more harm to the environment then help. They are are largely unelectable outside Brighton and have only one MP.

    If Climate Change is to be tackled, they have to appeal to everyone. The Greens seem to think if someone if a landlord, then they don’t care about the environment or climate change.

    The Greens, are just extreme left wingers.

    The Green’s manifesto was is full of tax increases. They wanted higher taxes for private landlords. They claimed landlords were getting a tax-break which was untrue. As any business can deduct the cost of finance a genuine overhead.

    George Osborne did n’t fact check and stole the policy idea from the Greens. Landlords get treated unfairly.

    Landlords have had to either increase the rent to cover the higher tax bill or sell up. I had not increased the rent in many years, so I am not sure how that helped me or my tenant. The only winner was the tax man.

    The Greens are complaining about higher rent, why don’t the Green take ownership of the mess they created?. Every few months, there is a new piece of regulation driving up rents.

    Every London Council is introducing or considering landlord license. Who pays for all of this?

    I know of some landlords, who spent tens of thousands on tax advisors. For some, they could transfer the property form their personal name into a limited company. However, for many it was n’t possible. Instead of tax advisors, wit would have been better if the money had been re-investing the property on solar panels.

    Why did n’t the Greens have a tax break for landlords who put solar panels? Why was n’t that in their manifesto?. Deep down, the Greens are vindictive, envious rather then genuinely caring about the environment.

    The Green Party should be the first charged with Eco-side.

  2. So almost every other major city has lower rents than London, hmmm wonder why that is – could a few of many answers be the cost of living in London is higher and the cost of property is higher? And why bring EU into this, has she heard of Brexit? As a party leader she appears to be lacking any economic sense.
    If more private landlords are forced out of the market, where will all those renters go? There’s already a lack of ‘affordable’ housing and lack of Council housing. Can councils really afford to keep the homeless in hotels and B&Bs? And look at the foul state of some of the existing council accommodation, whilst they fire so many safety regulations at the private landlord.
    Has she heard of supply and demand? If rents are too high landlords can’t rent, so rents come down, you don’t need interference from the Government.
    Private Landlords have been targeted enough, easy prey for councils and the Government – there’s so much red tape now, Gas Safety, electrical safety, licensing costs, reduced deposits, can’t evict dishonest and bad tenants, there’s hardly any money left over now to look after your own home after ensuring the tenants are safer than you are.
    Genuine good Landlords can’t take anymore punches, we’ve had enough. Who is standing up for us?

    • No one will stand up for greedy landlords…it seems….so Sell Up and Walk away while you can – before they slam you with a Higher Exit CGT tax when selling up…..

  3. Politicians of all colours and local councils too seem to miss the elephant in the room.

    I as an investor (HMRC) says that’s what I am. I can buy and sell property just as I can buy and sell shares.

    Meaning that all investors simply weigh up the risk against the reward and when the risk becomes too great, they simply sell and move on.

    I’ve sold two rentals in the las 12 months and have decided to buy myself a really nice house and sit back rather than re-invest in the PRS where the balance between risk and reward is out of line.

    The govt need to start requisitioning hotels to house the homeless because once the eviction ban finally comes to and end many non-payers who are in reality criminals will be evicted and a lot of those landlords will not take the chance of renting again and will sell up … (Walk out of Tesco without paying your bill and you face arrest. Non-payment of rent is theft. End of story on that one)

    Politicians can either shut up and leave the PRS to get on with it or they need to start returning to state intervention and council housing because “Investors” will surely leave the sector..

    Politicians can make whatever laws they choose… and I can choose to refuse to comply with the regulations, and simply sell up and walk away.

  4. Like a lot of people, the Greens think LLs are a magic money tree to be shaken down. The fact is that LLs do not make much after tax and costs. I’m selling up a propery i’ve had for 10 years. I went through my records to work out exactly how much i earnt over that time in relation to how much work it did. It wasn’t worth it, i can tell you. Hence the selling.

    • I reckon by the end of it all: paying the mortgage, the many taxes, the up keep….someone else takes half your profits from this game…

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