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Buy-to-Let Landlord:

Mr Danny Hyde, YouTube blogger and controller the YouTube channel Danny Hyde TV, is being sued by controversial landlord Fergus Wilson for what he says is a “grossly offensive” video. Wilson believes the video breaches the malicious communications act 1988.

Wilson is suing the YouTuber for £10,000 over the video he uploaded to YouTube saying the property mogul was ‘coming across as racist.’

The dispute stems from Mr Wilson’s policy banning ‘coloureds’ from renting his properties because of curry smells.

Mr Wilson who owned up to 1,000 rental properties in Kent before he started to sell off chunks of his portfolio told the Kent Messenger that he took particular offence at being called a “rude term” among other insults levelled at him in the video.

Danny Hyde, who has nearly 2,000 subscribers, said in his video that Mr Wilson was ‘coming across as a racist,” and that other measures such as air fresheners and opening windows could be used to get rid of curry smells, rather than just banning certain people.

Mr Wilson said that legal action against the vlogger was not due to any implication that he was racist, but because of the language he chose in the expletive laden video.

He said:

“I won’t take action over people who say I’m racist because there are too many people and I can’t sue them all.

“It’s not the content of what he wanted to say, it was the language that he selected, I was appalled at what this chap said in his opening sentence.”

If Mr Hyde doesn’t settle out of court, the landlord has threatened to bring a private prosecution against him.

In November last a court ruled that Mr Wilson’s policy preventing people from renting his properties based on their ethnicity was unlawful following intervention from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

An injunction was imposed, banning Wilson from applying criteria discriminating against “coloured” tenants, or those of Indian or Pakistani backgrounds. The injunction is to remain in place for three years. At the time the multi-millionaire was asked to pay costs of £2,665. If Mr Wilson complies with the ruling, the court said no further action will be taken.

The Wilson’s Letting Criteria

Letting Criteria from 1st January 2017

Like any business we are consistently fine tuning to best advantage.

The following are not acceptable:

1)      Tenants with children under 18. A child over 18 can be a co-tenant

2)      Only tenants with a Rent Guarantee

3)      No single mums or single fathers

4)      No tenants on Housing Benefit

5)      No low income workers

6)      No single adults

7)      No Zero hours workers

8)      No plumbers

9)      No battered wives

10)   No smokers

11)   No tenants with pets

Both tenants names to go on the Tenancy! Take National Insurance. Take car numbers. Take details of employment.

Fergus Wilson 27 12 2016

Fergus Wilson defends tenant selection policy

Mr Hyde’s offensive video – Landlord Bans “Coloured” People Because Of Curry!

2014 Channel 4 video about the Wilson’s – Tenants ‘nervous’ of landlord Fergus Wilson

Please Note: This Article is 4 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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