Landlords in Wales have a brief window of opportunity to serve Section 21 eviction notices after Covid-imposed changes end but before the new Renting Homes Act kicks in.

The six-month notice rule – first introduced in July 2020 – ends tomorrow and reverts back to two months, but only until 15th July when under the new Act, landlords will need to give six months’ notice again. The government had previously extended the rule last December in a bid to ease homelessness.

New regime

Property lawyer David Smith at JMW Solicitors says: “There is a short period to serve these notices for them to expire before Renting Homes comes into effect in July. As things stand those notices cease to exist in July. However, there are hints that notices served before July will carry over into the new regime.”

Once the new law comes in, landlords will not be able to give notice until six months after the contract starts, and unless they have been registered and licensed with Rent Smart Wales and followed deposit protection rules.

Media campaign

The Welsh government has now produced a new toolkit to help get the message out about the biggest shake-up of housing law in Wales for decades.

‘The Way You Rent is Changing’ is a communications campaign designed to tell everyone in the PRS about the new rules, and includes digital advertising, a radio campaign and direct communication, directing landlords and tenants to the website for more information.

As well as providing them with the toolkit, it’s also asking landlords to help share information about the changes on their social media channels.


  1. This law is draconian. It is not needed, all that is needed is for the councils to prosecute bad landlords, they can use the fine for the purpose. It will not cost them anything. I am furious about this law. You do know about the “inheritance clause” and the fire alarms that have to be hard wired at a huge cost for us bearing in mind the C EPC requirements. We earn a very low rent. We don’t sleep at night worrying about the cost of it all. We rely on the rent to live.

    • Interesting; what is this ‘ inheritance clause?’

      Sounds like a sitting tenant situation with no eviction ever possible!

      • In the Socialist Land of Drakeford, we seem to be returning to the days before the AST.
        Regarding the “inheritance clause”, see quote from Welsh Government guidance booklet describing the new occupation contracts:
        “Succession rights are broadly enhanced, enabling both a ‘priority’ and ‘reserve’ successor to succeed to the occupation contract. This will potentially enable two successions to the contract to take place, for example a spouse followed by a child. In addition, a new succession right for carers is created which will provide increased security for many of the 370,000-plus unpaid carers in Wales.”

  2. Surely anyone investing in the PRS fairly close to the English-Welsh border will simply sell up and re-invest in a more business friendly country… England

  3. Yep the Communist State of WALES will find many LL deserting Welsh property to invest in England.

    Only short term letting will remain viable.

    Which is something the Welsh Communists DON’T want.

    But their ridiculous long term letting regulations will cause this to occur.

  4. only got into renting about 10 years ago, have 5 rentals, I for 1 will probably be selling up.
    I’m the type of LL, who at 6am got woken up by my tenant, where the hot flex hose to the sink split, explained t her over the phone, how to turn the water off, turn the electric off just in case, and was over there the same morning at 9am to fix the problem.
    I consider myself as a good LL, yet all these regulations, hoops to jump through are causing us to leave


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