Campaigners have door-stepped a landlord couple’s home in a bid to prevent them evicting a family with a disabled child.

Tenants’ union Living Rent confronted the pair in Balloch, Scotland, as part of a day of action in defence of the family whose son has complex needs.

They claim the landlords and letting agency Martin&Co are preparing to evict the family on 30th November from a property in Bathgate, West Lothian.

An eviction order was granted in September at the First Tier Housing Tribunal, despite the national ban on evictions until next March.

Council officials withdrew funding to work on adjustments on Lorraine Robinson-Moseley’s property, leaving them with nowhere suitable for her severely autistic son.

She told the Dunbarton Reporter: “With my son’s conditions, it has taken us so long to find a suitable home and feel accepted.

“All we are asking for is a delay to the eviction to ensure my son’s new home will be ready for him. Eviction will cause him extreme emotional distress.”

Living Rent presented letters to the landlords and letting agency, demanding they reverse their decision to evict the family.

Jack Hanington, Living Rent member, says: “Until the landlords agree to delay the eviction until the end of January, Lorraine’s tenants’ union will resist this eviction, firstly at the landlord’s doorstep and then, if necessary, at the doorstep of Lorraine and her family’s home.”

LandlordZONE has contacted Martin&Co for comment.


  1. There has to be more to this story given that evictions are pretty much banned at present. I can only imagine huge arrears if an eviction order has been issued.

  2. Not sure why the landlord has n’t accommodated a small delay?

    However, the protest is nasty, as it is outside someone’s personal home. Why don’t they protest outside the offices of those processing Universal Creedits?

    They want to have a national landlord’s database. For what purpose other then for thuggish behaviour?

    If a Landlord did the same to a non-paying tenant, this would be considered harassment and thousands of pounds in compensation would be due. So why can’t it work both ways?

    The tenant has breached the landlord’s privacy.

    The landlord is selling up. It is exactly, what these tenant groups want. They want to drive out landlords, but they can’t have it both ways, when tenants need to find somewhere else to live.

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