Service is for owners who need to prove to self-isolating, vulnerable or just obstructive tenants that a gas engineer attempted to complete a Gas Safe boiler inspection.

Liverpool based appliance servicing platform Gas Tag has launched a free service that enables landlords to conform to government guidance on gas safety checks during the Coronavirus crisis.

This advises that although Gas Safe inspections should continue, tenants can refuse entry if they consider themselves vulnerable or are self-isolating.

The Gas Tag platform enables landlords to see an audit trail of work completed on a boiler, which is fitted with an electronic chip and tagged each time they are either serviced, need maintenance or have a Gas Safe inspection completed.

Engineers use a free app to complete these tasks and sign up using their Gas Safe ID number.

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Campbell says its new bolt-on free-to-use service has become popular among landlords as the government’s social distancing rules, along with reluctance among tenants to let people into their homes, have made it difficult to complete a property’s annual Gas Safe safety check.

Access problems

“Problems gaining access has definitely been on the increase in recent weeks due to shielding and self-isolation,” says Campbell.

To solve this problem, Gas Tag registered engineers can use the app to create electronic location and time stamps detailing when and where they visited a property, what  happened when they requested access and, if they were unable to get in, a picture of the front door and information about why they were not able to complete their duties.

“This means a landlord can prove that an engineer attempted to gain access to a property including how many attempts were made,” says Campbell.

“This helps resolve any disputes with tenants about whether engineers tried to gain access a property to complete a Gas Safe inspection.”


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