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Comedian Joe Lycett claims 30 student tenants had excessive deductions made from their rental deposits, but company involved denies any wrongdoing.

A property management company and a Channel 4 TV show have crossed swords over the firm’s handling of rental deposits belonging to dozens of students in Cardiff.

The show, Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, is front by comedian Joe Lycett who spent an hour shining a light on property management firm CPS Homes.

The company was criticised by student tenants in the city for deducting hundreds of pounds from their deposits for alleged damage. It’s now facing a Trading Standards investigation.

Two Cardiff students, Lucy and Lizzy (pictured), told Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back they’d paid £2,380 in rental deposits to CPS during their second year of university, and when they moved out, they were charged for general wear and tear as well as damages they say they didn’t cause.

In total, they and their housemates were charged with 21 essential repairs adding up to £843. The students were told they would get none of their money back until they agreed to these deductions.

Stained mattresss

Lycett visited the house to find that some essential repairs, including a stained mattress, dented door and carpet stain had not been carried out. The programme claimed that a total of 30 students in CPS properties had been charged for damage they said they didn’t cause. After visiting the properties, Lycett found that most repairs hadn’t been completed.

The episode culminated in Lycett and the students holding a rave outside the company’s offices to educate people on their rental rights.

In response to Lycett’s findings, CPS Homes said: “For 20 years CPS Homes has successfully managed several thousand properties, providing quality accommodation for renters.

“We are satisfied that the four cases raised in the programme have already been dealt with via our rigorous complaints procedure, and through independent adjudication. We therefore feel the rave and filming were disproportionate to the nature and small number of complaints.”

Lucy and Lizzy have now been awarded hundreds of pounds of their deposits back. After a recent audit, Cardiff Council issued CPS with an ‘action needed’ warning, and Trading Standards has promised to investigate the company.

Watch the programme in full (requires signing in).

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Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. I used to use CPS and they always erred on the side of the tenant saying no one needed protracted disputes over damage and wear. Tenants always dispute many things – its never their bike chain oil on the carpet or their handlebar gouges in the hallway wall . They often neglect proper bed sheets but deny mattress stains. Ohh that’s a constant – mattresses – you see a thin bottom sheet on the floor during maintenance visits. And wet jumpers on radiators and then moaning about mould… But the point is CPS we’re always reasonable about what to claim for in my landlord experience. D Evans.


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