A coalition of housing and welfare organisations has made an urgent plea to the Scottish Government to extend eviction protection measures.

The coalition claims that “time is running out” for families at risk of losing their homes in the light of the Covid-19 crisis and that the Government must show leadership to help prevent hundreds of families from becoming homeless.

In an open letter signed by organisations including Shelter Scotland, Glasgow Night Shelter and the Scottish Refugee Council, the group calls on Housing Minister Kevin Stewart to extend emergency powers against eviction when Parliament meets on 11 August.

The letter comes just a week after the Joseph Rowntree Foundation recommended that the ban in Scotland be extended until September 2021.

The current protections against eviction are due to be lifted in September, and the coalition is calling on the Scottish Government to extend these measures to ensure that vulnerable households can remain in their homes until at least April 2021.

Shelter Scotland Director, Alison Watson, said: “We know the pandemic has had a terrible impact on household finances.

“Thousands have lost their jobs, rent arrears are increasing and we’ve seen big increases in homelessness applications and the use of temporary accommodation. We must act now to stop the situation from getting worse.”

“Scottish Ministers have shown real leadership in getting people off the streets and keeping families in their homes.

“Now we’re asking them to step up once again by protecting people from being evicted and preventing a wave of homelessness this autumn.”


  1. Surely an evictions ban is only half the equation – where is the support for the LLs providing the accommodation who are taking the financial hit if tenants don’t pay rent?

    Whilst I have very sympathy with tenants who are struggling financial due to the pandemic how does this coalition propose to prevent the inevitable abuse of the evictions ban by unscrupulous tenants (and there are some) who just stop paying their rent because no evictions are allowed?

  2. Crazy, they are only masking the issue, they belief is that tenant’s should be able to steal off their Landlord’s, as regardless of which way you look at it – it is theft, and that’s OK! Can we not have the police involved, its only right, then will the tenant then receive a conviction, as they have commuted an act of theft!

    But no – let the landlords take the hit, yee ha!

    Yet, in the real world this pandemic having also effected us Landlord’s! We have been hit by nothing but detrimental legislation, statutes and laws etc. if recent years, that adds to an already serious situation in this sector, but it’s still OK, theft off landlords is good!!

    What is the end game? Is it the case: that they cannot afford to build all the housing needed, all these changes hammer blows to small landlords, many fail, they indirectly take back thousands of properties, bingo, a lovely gigantic government housing stock all created in such a small space of time!

    What the hell is going on m, as something doesn’t feel right about any of of this – legalising theft against landlords, crazy!!

    I despair, what is the point anymore!

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