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Sian Berry wants the capital to be the testing ground for English rent controls before similar schemes are rolled out elsewhere.

A Green Party Mayor of London would freeze rent in the capital as a way to kick-start similar schemes across the UK.

If Green candidate Sian Berry beats Sadiq Khan in the 7th May election, she has today pledged to immediately freeze the amount landlords can charge while a commission looks at ways to lower rent prices within two years.

She tells “The way to do it is in stages. The answer is going to come back (that rents should be) lower than now – and that’s the radical part.”

London rented households have seen rents increase by 1.2% in 2019, to an average of £1,450 a month – more than double the median rent for England, according to the latest Office for National Statistics figures.

Berry suggests lessons could be learnt from the varying forms of rent caps in cities such as New York, Paris and Copenhagen.

A pilot scheme in the capital could then lead to similar policies being introduced in other UK cities, by finding ways to reduce prices, says Berry: “We want some certainty in the market in the meantime. We need to have an interim period to have a freeze, which is what they have just done in Berlin to take some heat out of the system…and create the absolute certainty of the direction of travel.” The freeze would last until the commission report was published, probably in 18 months to two years, she added.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Good luck with that – Rent Caps have failed elsewhere and using London as a pilot fro the rest of the country is absurd – the London market is unique.

    Where will all the renters find a house to live in when the do-gooders have decimated the PRS?

  2. If you interfere with pricing, then you will disrupt investment and eventually supply.
    There will also be an impact on business due to the reduction in mobility of labour.
    Existing tenants will stay in properties larger or better located than they require if their circumstances change, instead of moving to cheaper properties and freeing up the better properties.
    The main impact will be a greater housing shortage.
    If you want to see examples of price controls and their impact, look at Ireland. Or for more extreme cases Venezuela. Politicians should consider how to increase supply or manage demand, rather than go for simple solutions that will cause long term damage.
    The existing system is not great, but at least there is a large effort going into building new properties, achieving high occupancy rates and converting existing properties into residential use in every area with high rents.
    You need to look at why rents are high and deal with the causes, instead of trying to control them directly with simple ideas that punish suppliers.


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