A Doncaster landlord is still reeling from his experience with an abusive prospective tenant who threatened to burn down his house, claiming this kind of behaviour is on the rise.

Kevin Pitman (pictured, above), of Pitman Property Management, says he was so worried that he called the police after the man, his partner and young children attended a second viewing at a property that had just had a new bathroom and carpets fitted.

They had put down a holding deposit but when Kevin told them it wouldn’t be possible to redecorate and change the carpets, the man repeatedly swore at him.

Pitman told them he would be returning the deposit and took the couple’s bank details but when he tried to return the money through PayProp there was a problem.

Threatening calls

This prompted a barrage of threatening calls from the man, who warned that he would burn down Kevin’s house if the money wasn’t returned. It transpired the couple had provided incorrect bank details.

Kevin tells LandlordZONE that although he’s relieved that he “dodged a bullet” as it means he won’t end up with a problematic tenant, he says the abuse and threats he regularly receives are on the rise.

“It goes with the territory, but it’s so frustrating when tenants try and tarnish the good relationship I’ve built up with landlords.”

This prospective tenant had also posted offensive comments about Kevin’s company on his Facebook page.

Negative reviews

He adds: “Others have threatened me when we couldn’t accept their guarantors, leaving negative reviews, while some tenants also have a lack of understanding about maintenance problems, for example that their mould problem is caused by a lack of ventilation, and think it’s fine to post stuff online.”

Kevin’s company is now being more thorough when vetting potential tenants as a way to prevent future problems. “We’ve got a longer series of questions we ask on the phone about circumstances and finance – by getting them to open up more we can make a better judgement call.”


  1. I had a case were the prospective tennants passed credit check, took a holding deposit but on a hunch I cross referenced there referance from the landlord . Turned out to be her brother. She forged documents to make it look like her brother ( different name ) was the owner and landlord. On contact the correct landlord I got a full reference for them. I returned the payment via cheque as proof of payment as she would not supply bank details.

    I was called various names, threatened to be reported to local council and so on.

  2. Sad story but sadly unsurprising…

    This constant anti landlord propaganda is having an effect… If people tell the same lie for long enough people start to believe it… Everyone is convinced property investors are super rich multi-millionaires that are totally merciless and without a care for anyone…

    Totally untrue of course…
    Plenty of evidence of investors leaving the sector, lots of properties on the market at the moment “For sale with tenant” …
    As availability of rentals goes down then rents will inevitably go up, simple supply and demand economics.

    Shelter and Gen rent will do zero to house the homeless.
    Just spout hot air and derogatory comments.

    The govt is already at war with landlords and in the commons Starmer was commenting on the care bill and using Landlords as some sort of example of fat cats not paying their fair share…
    “A tax rise which means a landlord renting out dozens of properties wouldn’t pay a penny more, but their tenants working full time jobs would” Starmer… PMQ’s 08/09/2021
    Let ALL landlords be aware… Labour will come after you if you vote for them.

    This type of anti landlord rhetoric is what promotes and fuels hatred of investors…

    Its about time the likes of Landlord zone and other interested parties sent an official complaint stating that his anti landlord comments are akin to HATE SPEACH

  3. Yep Labour showing their true colours attacking LL who are providing a much needed service.

    LL are already subject to penal and onerous tax regimes.

    Based on what idiot Starmer stated we can see with the vitriol heaped on LL that nothing has changed with the evil Labour Party.

    The mere idea that LL hopefully achieve a profit which is taxed seems to be an anathema to the idiot Socialists.

    If they ever regain power it will be the end of the PRS.

    Which is another reason I’m getting out.

    It is bad enough that the ridiculous Tory regulations are having massive negative effects on LL.

    To have the even more ridiculous Labour Party spouting their rubbish is just the end.

    Shrewd LL will move from the AST business model to the FHL and SA model

    More intense management required but at the moment far more profitable without the risk of feckless rent defaulting tenants and consequent repossession problems.

    This was evidenced directly this year in the West Country where only 65 AST were available.
    All the others were AirBnB………about 6500 of them!!!

    Govt incompetence is causing LL to desert the AST sector.

    This will result in mass homelessness.

    Unless Govt replaces those LL with Council Housing then they will have a very politically damaging mass homelessness problem.

    We are already seeing this with the Afghans.

    LL don’t want to let to them.

    It is nothing personal.
    It is because of the dysfunctional repossession process etc.

  4. I am feeling disgusted with the amount of work and associated stress of letting a property out with a little profit. Ever changing legislations in favour of tenants but nothing for landlords. It has made me to sell the property after, thank God, the tenant has vacated exactly one year after the expiry of the tenancy agreement

  5. I have some examples too, which I won’t add here as the case is illustrated enough here. More to the point is How can we stop this development???

  6. Yes totally agree. I have a new tenant who after moving in wanted the carpets replaced. They new that they were not great in one room when they viewed the house, but it was worse at the end of the previous tenancy because of chewing gum and some sort of gooey stuff that was spilt during the leaving party of the previous tenants.

    Then a parcel from ASOS was delivered 2 weeks after they had moved out and she asked if I could check it it was there and then meet me (2nd visit) to collect. What are landlords, are we slaves to the tenants whims and incompetence.

    I had replaced the cooker and the girlfriend who said that she was a good cook and did cakes, roasts etc., could not turn it on. the manual was there and clearly stated that the timer should be used to turn on the oven and it would automatically turn it off at the end. Nice safety feature.

    Totally hopeless and inconsiderate.
    But it is always our fault when they make stupid mistakes.

    The law needs to change so that landlords can charge their time to repair and attend the property. the cost of repairs and maintenance needs to be accepted by the Deposit Protection Companies along with receipts for damaged items. Mileage and time needs to be allowed to reimbursed, not only when providing access to contractors doing repairs, but also the landlords themselves.

    It is not fair to say that the landlord can charge to replacement cooker knobs but not to fit them. or a replacement Microwave but not to take it there and make sure the tenant reads the instructions on how to use it. If the tenant claims that the cooker is broken and has not read the manual, the landlord should be able to charge for a call out to check the appliance, instruct the tenants and show how to use it according to the instruction manual.

    When the tenant looses their keys again and askes for a replacement I need to be able to charge for not only replacement locks but also mileage and time to attend the property.

    Tenants need to be considerate and landlords need to be respected by everyone for the essential work that they do.


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