The past 12 months are a period many landlord may want to erase from their buy-to-let memory banks.

An extraordinary litany of government legislation, property market shut-downs, property management restrictions, the cladding scandal, rental arrears, housing market disruption and tax changes have made it a roller-coaster ride.

Here LandlordZONE looks back at the changes and challenges that have taken place since Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown to astonished nation a year ago this week.

March 2021

47. Government consults on higher court fees for landlords.

46. Unlimited fines for landlords who break HMO fire safety rules.

45. Eviction ban in Wales extended until end of June.

44. England extends evictions by two months until end of May.

43. Scotland bans bailiff evictions until end of September.

42. Rishi Sunak extends stamp duty holiday for property purchases until end of May.

February 2021

41. Six month notice periods for tenants made compulsory in Wales.

40. MPs vote through law forcing landlords to allow broadband providers into their blocks

39. Another six-week eviction ban announced in England.

38. Government foots cladding bill for apartments in towers over 18 metres.

37. Official pilot scheme for evictions mediation service starts

January 2021

36. Government launches ‘New Model Tenancy’ for landlords to use when tenants ask to live with pets.

35. ‘Breathing space’ scheme launched by government to shelter tenants from arrears action

34. No direct help for landlords during Covid in England, says minister

33. Eviction ban in England extended for six weeks

32. Leasehold reform plans revealed by government to make leasehold properties cheaper to run and buy.

December 2020

31. Wales raises stamp duty for landlords by 1%

30. Scottish government opens rent arrears loan scheme for landlords

November 2020

29. Mortgage lending to landlords tightens as Covid drags on.

28. FCA extends landlords mortgage holiday scheme

27. Government extends Green Homes Grant scheme after teething problems.

26. High Court bailiff evictions halted except for extreme rent arrears cases.

25. Property market allowed to be open during second lockdown.

24. MP Andrew Rosindell launches bill that will force landlords to take pets

October 2020

23. Welsh rent arrears loan scheme for tenants opens for applications.

September 2020

22. Northern Ireland extends evictions ban

21. MPs vote through new bill widening HMO power for local authorities.

20. Courts backs two key ‘No DSS’ discrimination cases.

August 2020

19. England’s government gives landlords some leeway over extreme rent arrears as it publishes updated evictions ban  rules.

18. English Minister announce evictions ban for ‘another six months’ after Wales and Northern Ireland ban extensions.

July 2020

17. Wales brings in six-month long eviction notice period for landlords.

16. Green Homes Grant scheme announced.

15. First ‘local lockdown’ in Leicester does not prevent homes moves.

14. Landmark gas safety eviction case is won by landlord

June 2020

13. England announces two month extension to evictions ban.

12. Student campaign to ‘stop paying rent’ gathers pace as rent strikes spread

11. Property markets re-open in reset of UK.

10. Tenant fees ban legislation goes live

9. Mortgage holiday extended again, including for landlords.

8. Courts re-open for evictions hearings after two month shut-down.

May 2020

7. New rules for viewings published by government

6. England re-opens property market.

5. Scot launch Covid loans for landlords.

4. Airbnb bans all holiday bookings.

March 2020

3. Courts suspend all eviction hearings for three months

2. Government strongly advises that all home moves should stop unless already agreed contractually.

1. Landlords told to stop all viewings and inspections.


  1. The ultimate result of all these bonkers regulations is that LL WILL move away from AST lettings.

    They have little alternative unless they wish their capital to be used for effectively free accommodation.

    Few LL will wish to have their capital effectively co-opted by feckless rent defaulters.

    LL are in the game to make profit.

    If they are prevented from achieving this there is no point in a LL being so.

    The tipping point has bern reached with LL now selling up.
    The business proposition no longer works.

    When LL withdraw their capital which has housed many tenants who does Govt believe will provide the capital to house those that LL have evicted in order to leave the PRS!?

    Private LL capital is in its billions.
    When LL withdraw that capital Govt isn’t in any position to replace that capital.

    Govt is making the PRS unviable and yet it relies on it to house millions that Govt can’t afford or chooses NOT to afford to house.

    There is a total disconnect between the PRS and tenant demand.
    Govt is increasing homelessness by forcing LL out of business.

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