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Adding a canopy or carport to your property has a number of benefits. One of the main reasons homeowners choose to install them is because of the great aesthetic look they provide. But unless you’re in an area where your property needs to stand out from other rentals, this is probably not your main concern as a landlord.

Canopies and carports should be considered as a way to protect your property and reduce the need for expensive maintenance bills. They can be a worthwhile investment for many landlords, especially during the winter months when damage from adverse weather conditions can be problematic and extensive.

If you think carefully about your options and take the time to effectively plan the installation, a canopy can prove to be a valuable addition to any property for a number of years.

Extra building protection

Shelter is one of the main advantages a canopy can offer during those winter months. Whilst it’s obviously useful for tenants dropping off shopping and finding their keys in the rain, more importantly, canopies can add an extra dimension of protection to your property.

Providing an additional barrier to the front, rear and side of a building, a canopy can help to reduce the threat of damage to exposed walls and plastering. This is especially important in preventing any existing cracks and small holes from worsening, and stopping any new ones developing.

Winter weather can also bring stormy conditions, and with that comes the potential for falling debris. The windows and doors are the weakest point of any property, and with branches, aerials and even roof tiles falling down and getting blown around, a canopy can be just the protection you need to prevent costly glass replacements.

If you have a property with patio doors leading out onto the garden, imagine the damage falling debris may cause. A canopy above them would help deflect the debris and help ensure they remain unbroken.

Damaging wet and icy conditions

British winters are increasingly notorious for a downfall of torrential rain, sleet and icy conditions. Again, a canopy could be the solution you need to prevent costly repairs over the season.

As non-stop rain causes gutters to overflow, the run-off from this can cause troublesome staining down walls and windows. This could leak into any small gaps around the window frames.

If you’ve got wooden decking or high quality paving stones in the garden or around the property, you’ll likely want to protect these from the constant pounding of rain too, as well as the threat of stray debris.

Additionally on doors and windows, a canopy provides added protection from ice and frost, preventing cold sleet from penetrating any unknown gaps. It can stop a build-up of ice, which can be extremely damaging when it expands, and prevent handles from freezing and needing to be replaced.

Choosing and installing a canopy

When choosing a canopy, the material is key. It needs to be tough enough to withstand the eclectic British weather. Ideally, it should be made of a high quality composite material like GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), which will provide full waterproof protection.

Designs and styles are hugely flexible, so you’ll be able to decide on one which best suits the needs of your property and your tenants. A survey will be required, in order to assess the suitability of the proposed location and offer the best product solution, but the good news is that you usually won’t need planning permission.

Planning permission is only required when the proposed size of the canopy is more than 50% of the property’s ground floor space.

Whilst a canopy may seem like a large initial outlay, it can be a very worthwhile investment when you factor in the costs associated with winter damage over 3 -5 years. It’s highly likely your canopy will last a lot longer than that too.

Plus, a door canopy, carport and patio canopy maximises the outdoor space of your property, and can certainly make it a more desirable place for prospective tenants. It could also help you generate a greater rental income as well.

Article Courtesy of: Rob Cassidy Canopies UK is the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of quality outdoor canopies.

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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