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Budgeting for household bills can be a major logistical challenge for all of us at the best of times. How often have you received the gas, electricity, then the telephone and broadband bills at different times in the month? Still do? Then maybe this is for you…

Both home and business customers are now waking up to the availability and convenience of one bill dedicated to covering your major utilities from one supplier. The best part – it is delivered once per month. Gain control of your major utility bill expenses today!

Being an easy and convenient way for households to budget, this can offer benefits to you – the landlord – who have bills just like the rest of us.

Prices are very competitive and could offer savings compared to the ‘Big 6’ energy companies. Imagine the potential savings by bundling your utilities together to suit YOU, your home or business.

Tying into a FTSE listed provider for a long duration can provide security of supply at a known price, but this tactic can potentially disadvantage you financially by locking you in. A flexible contract with no minimum contract term can often prove prudent, go down well with your accountant and be a catalyst when considering switching suppliers.

With the dramatic fall in the price of a barrel of crude over the last 6 months (up to January 2015) surely you should be able to take advantage of this with the recent reduction in gas and electricity prices. A decision that is kind to your pocket?

Switching is a typically a straightforward process. There is even a cooling off period for reassurance.

If you can tick the following then you are well equipped to and may benefit from lower tariffs:

  • Regularly pay bills on time and have done so over a number of years;
  • Use electricity, gas, phone, broadband or mobile;
  • Have remained with your existing supplier for a long period?

Other benefits can be derived from whether you or your partner likes a little retail therapy. There are even cashback options that save you money when you spend at well known UK stores and chains. More stores continue to be added regularly – so reward yourself!

There are many suppliers in the marketplace offering numerous plans. Only by having the facts can you make an informed choice on what appeals to YOU. Time to change? See the facts for themselves, it won’t be for everyone.

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After all why not keep the worries of household bills to one day a month?


Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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