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We are Call 4 Help the only Property Management Service in the UK with a dedicated 24hour plumbing, heating and electrical helpline, staffed only by qualified tradesman. There is no middle man, receptionist or call queue, so when our customers call, it will be answered by an engineer so they have help immediately.

Being a Plumber, Heating Engineer or Electrician for several Letting Agents in the winter is a very busy time and there’s never a minute to spare.

So when possible, fixing or temporarily reinstating tenants facilities over the phone is an everyday occurrence, this is where Call 4 Help was born.

Sometimes it’s hard to reach your Plumber or Electrician, maybe they just can’t answer their phone as they are too busy, or maybe they don’t work 24hrs a day. But within that delay could spell disaster for your property or the tenant calling an expensive Emergency Plumber or Electrician themselves.

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We as engineers know that not every boiler breakdown or electrical problem requires an emergency callout, sometimes all that’s needed is just some expert advice and direction to get things going.

Insurance companies and energy giants offer 24hr helplines, but these will only patch you through to a call handling centre, then after a lengthy security check, a few hours or days down the line they might send some help, but again this doesn’t help you.

We also know that when there is a plumbing emergency time is of the essence and usually by the time a plumber is contacted or attends the emergency it’s already too advanced and the damage is done.

That’s where Call 4 Help comes into effect and is invaluable to all parties.

Tenants have peace of mind that they have a professional service at the end of the line 24hrs a day.

Landlords can be assured that we will try our hardest to reinstate any plumbing, heating or electrical issues and avert the need of a costly callout fee. We will also guide our callers through any emergency they encounter and reduce any potential damage to their property, keeping repair bills down and lowering insurance claims.

Letting Agencies will also benefit greatly from this service. Call4Help offer letting agencies a large discount to encourage landlords to register via them. We will be the tenants first point of contact should they have a problem. Apart from offering a quality service to their landlords and tenants this will also reduce the amount of phone calls to their staff’s desk, this alone will create better productivity for your company. All follow up work that is required will passed back to the agency with a report for them to instruct their regular maintenance companies.

The cost of callout fees is spiralling out of control, some larger firms are charging in excess of £200 Just to knock on the front door, this is a very large bill just to pressurise a boiler etc. There are many self help procedures that we at Call 4 Help can guide tenants through when they have an emergency. Step by step we can guide people through basic problems and avert the need of a costly callout.

We pride ourselves on using our extensive knowledge and experience to overcome and solve as many issues as possible over the phone and save you money time and time again. Our services come at a mere fraction of any callout charge.

Don’t leave things up to chance, put your property in safe experienced hands. We also offer a Full  Maintenance Management package to take the problems off your hands completely. Please visit our website for more information on our services and how you can join us.

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Please Note: This Article is 5 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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