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Millions of households are embracing smart thermostats for the convenience and energy savings they bring. Larger homes can save even more by using “zoned” heating controls, which allow users to turn down the heat to individual rooms in the home.

The most advanced of these systems does this automatically by using motion sensors to learn when each room is used, ensuring households aren’t paying to heat empty rooms. That’s particularly useful for landlords who offer their properties with bills included, because the system automatically keeps tenants comfortable, but doesn’t waste energy heating empty rooms – or when they have left the windows open.

That system, now known as “Genius Hub” (formerly Heat Genius), represents the future of home energy controls. Co-founder of the Birmingham-based company, Alasdair Woodbridge, said:

“Google’s Nest received a lot of attention at its launch, because of its attractive design and intelligent learning feature. However, it’s always been limited to simply switching the boiler on and off. Consumers are now starting to expect more fine-grained control over their heating, especially in larger homes where the energy savings can be significant. Genius Hub offers the same kind of learning functionality as Google Nest, but in every room. That has to be the future, surely?”

Today, the new Genius Hub is launching, bringing several significant new features that make it even easier to cut heating costs:

a new wireless thermostat unit – allows you to easily set the temperature in any room for a certain period of time.. after which it goes back to its normal schedule

a more compact Hub with increased wireless range, making it easier to form a strong network with less “smart plugs” (wireless repeaters), even in old properties

an easy-to-use new app for iOS, Android and web browsers, making it effortless to schedule temperatures in each room, or enable fully automatic control

new IFTTT support to allow your heating system to communicate with over 300 other smartphone devices and online services, e.g. to turn the heating on when the tenant’s smartphone is nearby, or alert you if motion is detected while the property should be vacant

The price remains unchanged at £249 for the Genius Kit base system, with customers free to easily add as many valves (£59) and sensors (£34) as they require. This positions the base system at a similar price to simpler competitors, but with unparalleled expandability. Only the base system requires professional installation; valves and sensors can be easily added by customers whenever they would like to expand their system.

Want to experience the future of home heating control? Please get in touch and we will arrange for a free review system to be installed in your home.

Article Courtesy of: Jonathan Melhuish,

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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