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EVERY letting agent knows the process of placing the perfect tenant can be complex and time consuming.

From the initial appointment, there can be hours of form filling and checks to be carried out before a decision on the suitability of the applicant is determined.

Each process, from checking the prospective tenant’s credit history to securing references, is arduous and can result in significant delays before the keys to the property can be handed over.

But not anymore. Thanks to a brand new revolutionary system launched by the team at OnBoard Pro, letting agents can now expect a simpler, faster and more transparent way of renting properties.

OnBoard Pro Ltd offers a complete and affordable solution for the rental property market by providing letting agents with the tools to comprehensively check the suitability of tenants, record detailed photographic inventories, submit gas and electricity meter readings, starting dates for local council tax and produce signed contracts.

This is all done from within the same application and all on the same day, and in most cases under an hour.

Stephen Purvis, CEO of OnBoard Pro, said: “We know the rental property market is a minefield, one which is both complicated and time consuming for letting agents, landlords and tenants alike. OnBoard Pro will simplify things for everyone involved, making the process more transparent, faster, fairer, more robust and cheaper.

“We’ve conducted a huge amount of research into the market and are confident that the model we’ve come up with will work. All checks which must be carried out by agents and landlords can be completed in a matter of minutes while for prospective tenants the application can be done there and then with a decision made straight away. We estimate around 18 hours of administrative time will be saved by using our system and that will make the process much more cost effective.”

The OnBoard Pro software package has been developed in direct response to a Government review which is currently being carried out into the rental property market.

The review is being led by Natalie Elphicke, Co-Founder of Million Homes, Million Lives.

Speaking about the OnBoard Pro package, Natalie said: “Technological advances like OnBoard Pro support a more modern approach to lettings which is what tenants want.  I am sure the lettings industry, government and tenants would support the success of these new applications designed to provide better value to people renting, saving them both time and money.”

So practically how does OnBoard Pro work?

Letting agents who use the OnBoard Pro software programme can expect to find the right tenant for their property and have the application process completed much more quickly.

All checks can be conducted there and then with the prospective tenant during a simple five-step process. A decision is then made as to their suitability within the hour, often in a matter of minutes.

And what’s good about the OnBoard Pro system is that it takes into account more than just an individual’s credit score. Using the RealTenantHistoryTM application, letting agents get a comprehensive picture of the applicant via a national database of tenant and landlord feedback.

By using the OnBoard Pro system a lot of the headaches which come with letting a property are removed. More importantly, the current average of 18 hours of administration are reduced to under an hour, saving time and money and offering the opportunity to pass on savings to tenants.

To find out more watch our 90 second demonstration video here:

Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss a free trial with a member of our Business Development Team, why not drop us an email on or give us a call on 08452 26 26 06.

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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