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House prices, housing and home improvement are one of those topics of conversation that are always guaranteed to get people talking around the dinner table, especially with UK housing costs continuing to rise, we thought we would take a look at some of the housing trends that property experts predict will come to dominate the market in 2016.

1.Sustainability in the home

Sustainability and green living continue to be watch-words for builders, designers and planners. Recycling, re-inventing and just generally living a greener, more energy efficient lifestyle, are all trends that will continue to grow in 2016. For example, with the volatility of the energy market, greener methods of heating your home are becoming increasingly attractive to consumers. Programmable thermostats are increasingly becoming an option in the era of smart phones, allowing people more control over how they use their heating and their home’s energy resources.

2.Outdoors and indoors will merge

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One trend that will continue to grow in popularity in 2016 will be the blurring between interior and exterior spaces. This is a design interest that has been growing in popularity over the past two years; in 2016, many commentators are expecting this trend to become more mainstream. Whether you are a fan of it or not, outdoor furniture is increasingly becoming a fixture in living rooms; likewise plants that wouldn’t be out of place in a garden or a conservatory are increasingly becoming a fixture of indoor decor. This is especially the case if you are living in a new build, or city centre flat.

3.Privacy will become more of a factor

Thanks to social media, and the fact that we live in a more inter-connected world, privacy is likely to become more of a consideration for interior designers as the decade progresses; we are all likely to become more reliant on quiet spaces as privacy becomes something we are more likely to crave. Some design commentators have already written pieces on how this need for privacy is manifesting in furniture design and colour schemes. For example, cocooning chairs are a popular design that lend themselves to increased privacy and comfort.

4.Retro trends

The love of retro is nothing new, especially in the last ten years. 2016 is set to be another great year for retro trends, with some commentators expecting Perspex to make a comeback. Vintage products in the home are becoming ever more popular, with gramophones, chandeliers and pyrite bowls becoming a fixture once more.

5.Technology will continue to influence furniture design

We’ve already discussed how technology is affecting our desire for privacy and how this will impact on furniture design. But it’s also worth mentioning that we will also need furniture that offers us compatibility with the technology on which we are so increasingly reliant. This means that pieces of furniture have been increasingly redesigned to accommodate our technology needs; for example, tables and benches built with grooves for the storage of a tablet or a phone.

Article Courtesy of: Bernard Exton, owner of Extons, a supplier of materials to the roofing industry.

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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