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Well designed and effective landlord apps have become widely available on the market and offer landlords an array of useful tools and applications to make their life easier to fully manage their property portfolio.

What with a vast majority of people on the go, using an app gives the landlord the opportunity to instantly enter data (rental income, expenses etc and manage their property away from their desk and is totally paperless, no longer needing to hunt for receipts when you can enter in an instant upon purchase and stay up to date on a daily basis. Now that is impressive and freedom from those arduous bookkeeping chores!

According to a new report from web development platform provider Netbiscuits, smartphones are clearly the most popular means of mobile web access across the globe.

Landlord apps range from offering; full property management, sourcing tenants, inventory checks and financial reports to name a few, so there is a wide selection landlords can choose from.

We asked Arif Virani, CEO and founder of the latest innovative app, My Total Property (MTP) what makes his app unique to those that are currently on the market.

“This is the true use of technology at its best and MTP app contains our in house property system that we have nurtured and developed over a period of 15 years.

As part of the Accountlets group of companies that has an accountancy and residential/commercial property management business, this app contains all our best tips and templates from our professional expertise over the years.

The financials are to behold and will be a life changer for most of the busy landlords and investors who would otherwise rest their fate in the hands of agents and accountants to keep them informed. Quite simply it is power at your fingertips”.

Landlords are only too aware of the importance of good communication with their tenants and with the support of new technology in the form of an app, this can speed up dialogue and provides a much more efficient letting process, one a one to one basis, therefore allowing any problems or questions to be quickly highlighted and sorted, benefiting both parties.

Key Benefits of using a landlord app are:

1. Instant expense and rental entry
2. Landlord software is tax deductible
3. The ability to email instant pdf documents to finalise tax affairs and keep monthly records
4. Anywhere, anytime instant access to your property portfolio and finances
5. Capital Gains Summary – instant access on the value of your portfolio
6. Profit & Loss Summary – keep track of your profitability
7. Need your property profit and loss for that last minute tax return – download and email to your accountant your full letting account for all, or each property
8. It will save thousands on bookkeeping fees not to mention management fees and so will increase bottom line profits.
9. Comprehensive general ledger for analysis and knowing where your monthly spend has been for tax and business purposes
10. Template forms – referencing templates, holding deposit, standing order set up, deposit protection available on the app
11. Tenancy Agreement – a comprehensive and legally approved binding Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement as required under current UK & Wales law included
12. Checklist – Detailed list to ensure you have completed all tasks in letting your property and received the relevant documents
13. Increase profit
14. More spare time to relax
15. Increase efficiency in running your property business

In conclusion, if you are a busy landlord looking for support on how to manage your property, consider an app and you will never look back.

We are pleased to inform Landlord Zone readers of the latest landlord app My Total Property. This app offers landlord a complete letting agency service in an instant and is available to purchase at

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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