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Some of these are set out in HSE publications but there is also a lot of other information that clouds the issues.

Does a landlord have to carry out a Risk Assessment, does this have to be in writing – the HSE guidance is equivocal.

There are legal duties placed on Landlords by the Health and Safety at Work Act. To carry out a risk assessment, the Responsible person ( Landlords ) must be ‘competent’, which is defined.

Since 2013, there has been a lot of publicity from companies suggesting its now a legal requirement to have a legionnaires certificate for rented property.The cost of these certificates are around three figures.

The HSE have confirmed that certificates are not Required, nor is testing or sampling of water for most residential properties. However, HSE ( See Case 357 ) confirm this is Not the case

However, the safety, duties and responsibilities on landlords are defined and have legal sanctions.

For example, there is certain information that a landlord must provide to tenants.
Arising from legal sanctions introduced in 2013, there are courses available on Landlords duties regarding Legionnaires disease from half or a full day. costing around £200.

For LandlordZONE subscribers, a half-day course that succinctly but thoroughly covers the subject is available with a Bonus.

What a landlord can expect to gain from a course.
* To have the Legionnaires disease duties and responsibilities of a landlord thoroughly but succinctly explained.
* A customised and abbreviated summary of around a hundred pages of HSE literature on the subject. [ Summary is 16 pages ]
* The knowledge gained will provide a landlord with the level of Competence required to comply with HSE guidance in most Residential properties.
* An example of a Risk Assessment ( including Schematic diagram and written scheme of control ) and Information for tenants leaflet,
* Practical demo of testing of water temperature.
* Bound Reference book containing the above and example documentation.
BONUS session for LandlordZONE, – 60 minutes of General Landlord advice on common topics

Current Course dates ;
Croydon, 7/10/15. 10am-2pm.
Watford, 16/10/15. 10am-2pm

Other locations and dates to be fixed, register / email your expression of interest.
Investment – £67.00 ( Don’t forget to claim this against your Tax )

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Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Hi, I am interested in attending a training course, will you be having one in the Bristol area anytime before the end of the year?




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