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New legislation requiring all landlords to install a working smoke alarm on every floor of a property as well as carbon monoxide detectors in rooms where solid fuel appliances are present will be enforced from October 1st. Landlords risk up to a £5,000 fine if they do not adhere to this legislation.

Many landlords are acting now to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties.  There have been concerns from some landlords that they will be plagued by tenants calling and complaining of smoke alarms false alarming. Some are also concerned of the risk that tenants may remove batteries from the alarms, rendering them useless. It is therefore essential that the best suited alarm is installed, alleviating all your issues and concerns.

There is a range of Thermoptek smoke alarms from FireAngel which offer landlords a great solution to their problem. Thermoptek smoke sensing is a ground breaking technology, with thermally enhanced sensors that are able to detect fires quicker compared to standard smoke alarms, while cutting out false alarms. The FireAngel ST-625 smoke alarm has the benefit of the Thermoptek technology and reduces the false alarms due to cooking

Concerns about tenants removing batteries or even entire alarms at night when the alarm chirps to warn of a low battery is a real problem for landlords. The Thermoptek ST-622 smoke alarm therefore has a ‘sleep easy’ function. This function will temporarily silence the warning chirp of a low battery for 8 hours, ensuring that there are no nuisance alarms waking the tenant at night. Many people who remove batteries from their alarms do so due to being woken in the middle of the night when the alarm signals that the battery requires replacing. Once the alarms are disabled by the tenants, the replacement of the battery or the re-fitting of the alarm is often overlooked. The ‘sleep easy’ function can be activated up to 10 times, allowing enough time to replace the battery without diminishing the fire protection for occupants and property.

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Thermoptek  smoke alarms can also be supplied with a sealed 10 year long life lithium battery. These alarms have a 10 year warranty and give you as landlords the peace of mind that batteries cannot be removed. For further protection there is also a range of Radio- Interlinked Thermoptek alarms. When one alarm detects a fire all smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms that are interlinked will activate, giving the earliest warning that there is a fire or carbon monoxide problem within the building.

The range of FireAngel smoke and heat alarms covers all the issues experienced by landlords and offers great solutions. Safelincs are offering  a discount on FireAngel ST-622 Thermoptek smoke and CO alarm was £35.98 ex VAT is now £29.99 Ex VAT 0800 612 6537

Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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