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Landlord Secure which is partnered with EQUIFAX launches its new “Superior” reference. This reference allows both landlords and agents the opportunity to get rid of bad apples without being out of pocket.

With the number of tenants breaking the terms of their tenancy agreements, legal companies are increasingly being used to evict them. Getting the right tenant at the outset is not rocket science, however assessing a tenant varies between referencing companies. Landlord Secure whilst accessing the tenant’s ability to pay going forward using data linked to the tenant including number of credit accounts in current use, also look at the tenant’s past commitments and the ability to pay . Specifically, CCJ’s, Bankruptcies & IVA’s will alert Landlord Secure that a tenant has had issues maintaining credit previously.

Identity Validation is also important when accessing a tenant’s application. ID theft is on the increase and it’s not just via the Internet. Landlord Secure validates a tenant’s identity using the power of Equifax as well as cross-checking many different databases.  This links and verifies the tenant to their address using their credit profile as well as many other different variables. Landlord Secure also validates the tenant’s bank account through their Account Number and Sort-Code ensuring the details submitted do really relate to the applicant and they haven’t committed ID theft. This service enables the agent and/or Landlord to be confident that the details they are using to collect rent are actually viable and accurate.

Landlord Secure is pleased to announce that it is so certain of its ability to “pass” the right tenant that they promise that IF the tenant they “pass” needs evicting then they will file to have the tenant evicted AT THEIR OWN COST!

But what happens it the tenant has unexpectedly left?

Landlordsecure will locate that absconded tenant – If you have ever been left short by an absconded tenant and been left with a bill for damage or unpaid rent, then why not instruct Landlord Secure to trace the tenant for you on a NO FIND = NO FEE BASIS.

Landlord Secure claim an 86% success rate of finding tenants and to date have enabled landlords the ability to retrieve thousands of pounds.

Visit and register with Landlord Secure at to access the great range of products and services they have on offer. They’re not just another referencing company, but a company that promises results.

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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