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As a landlord or letting agent you are beset with rules, regulations, forms and other paperwork.

Property and renting is now a hot political topic and so government is actively working to amend the law.  For example:

  • New right to rent checks – currently being  trialled in the West Midlands but due to roll out nationwide later this year
  • Changes to section 21 – currently as per the case of Spencer v. Taylor but due to change massively after the anti retaliatory eviction laws in the Deregulation Bill come into force
  • Yet more changes to the tenancy deposit rules are pending – this is the THIRD TIME that they have been changed!
  • Changes in the interpretation of the landlord’s repairing covenants with the case of Edwards v. Kumarasamy
  • New rules for agents to register with an approved Ombudsman / redress scheme

If you rent or manage property in Wales it is even worse!

  • The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 will bring in mandatory licensing and accreditation later this year, and
  • The Renting Homes (Wales) bill will, when passed, bring in yet more changes making the Welsh system radically different from that in England

To help landlords and agents we are running two conferences this year, both sponsored by TDS.

Landlord Law Conference – 14 April 2015

This is our normal Landlord Law Conference (the third we have done) which this year will be at Homerton College in Cambridge.  This year we have an interesting mix of speakers covering section 21, right to rent, fire safety, HMO prosecutions, eviction and tenancy deposit adjudications.

Find out more about the Cambridge Conference at

Landlord Law Conference Wales – 15 May 2015

We are also putting on a special Conference in Cardiff to cover the changes that are happening in  Wales – we have collected together a fantastic group of speakers for you, most of whom have had direct involvement in the new laws being brought in and so are well qualified to explain them to you and discuss what will happen in the future.

Find out more about our Welsh Conference at

Both of these events are only taking place once and places are going fast, so if you want to attend you need to book your place now.

Click here for our main Conference page which has links to both events.

Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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