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In the UK, we are enjoying an unusual amount of sunshine and this is expected to continue for a while yet. But the summer months should not simply be seen as an opportunity for you to get your shorts and head on down to the beach, but as a chance to make your property stand out during a time when your property can look its very best. This is about more than letting the sun do the work and making your garden look pretty, though, as there are various factors that a landlord or seller will need to consider.

Why does the summer property market tend to be slow?

Letting or selling property during the summer months of July and August tends to be very busy for most people, in spite of some of the population using this time of year for holidays. Lettings are particularly bust at this time of year, and it is important to get your property on the market as early as possible to take advantage of those buyers and tenants braving the heat on viewings. It’s vital that you make your property stand out:

It begins from the outside

A person looking at your property is going to analyse every crevice before they walk through the door, so “curb appeal” will ultimately play a big role in how events unfold. Consider eyesores such as broken concrete curbs, cigarettes butts, litter and other debris that have the potential to ruin the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Don’t give rooms another purpose

When people view your property, in their minds they begin to formulate how certain rooms would work for their needs. That is why making sure that every room is being used for its intended purpose and not as storage space, a playroom or temporary office can make a difference. Always present rooms at their best and for their original use.

Natural light

Rooms, corridors and landings need to be appropriately lit for people to see their true quality. In the summer, open the curtains and position furniture and other items around the house so that they do not obstruct natural light during the day. Or, a table lamp can add a nice ambience to rooms where access to natural light is limited.

Summer smells

Viewers of your property are not only analysing what they see, but also what they can smell in and around your house or flat. You should not underestimate the sniff test, as stale odours are not going to show your property in a positive light. The sun is out so do not be afraid to open the windows to let in some fresh air, and you may also want to consider adding some summer fragrances by using dried flowers.

No mess

It should go without saying all year round and not just the summer months, but it is important that your property is tidy and free of clutter. This goes for entrance halls, which can either leave potential buyers enticed or looking for an escape route, and rooms, where ample floor space is needed to make sure that rooms look as big as they can.


Do your checks of your property for any areas where DIY may be needed and make the most of the sunshine by doing these odd jobs now. These include checking the roof, guttering, and for damp and other issues that could leave potential investors walking out of the door and not coming back any time soon.

Online appeal

If you are advertising your property for letting online, then it is vital that the photography is of good quality, which is why we use professional photography as standard. Internet listings are all about first impressions and may leave viewers quickly skipping to the next listing if the pictures do not show the true appeal of your property. Be wary of dark, blurry photos, and try to capture light, revealing shots of the exterior and interior.

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Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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