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Finding a healthy work-life balance is something most people seek; an ideal work-life balance allows you to be productive and effective at work, whilst maintaining a healthy and enriching home life. The aim is for you to feel fulfilled rather than overwhelmed.

However, if you are a landlord who has not given away the task of management, work often seems to weigh down heavily upon the scales. You can often feel as if you never switch off, as you juggle full-time employment elsewhere with having to fulfil endless landlord duties. As for property managers, the stress of managing so many properties, and having to communicate with numerous parties involved, can often lead to work dominating your life.

This is where property management software like Arthur can help – its unique design seamlessly connects property managers and landlords with tenants, contractors, letting agents and property owners. It provides a truly innovative approach to tenancy management, is in tune with the market, and, most of all, the software is market-leading in its ability to add contractors into the loop.

Many landlords start off with one or two properties, slowly building up a portfolio and small business.  Often, the aim of starting your own small business is to reduce work load and secure more control – but, many small businesses, including buy-to-let, have the opposite effect, and some landlords are forced to give away their management.

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Research conducted by the Federation of Small Businesses revealed that 66% of people working for or running small businesses work more than 48 hours per week. Landlords can save time, energy and increase their returns through using our intelligent, integrated system where everything happens in real-time.

Here at Arthur, we have been exploring the top tips for improving your work-life balance, and seeing how our software helps to bring these tips into fruition for landlords. Rochelle Trup, one of the Directors at Arthur Online, summarises our argument perfectly:

“Arthur has made life so much easier. It has put me in control; instead of having to respond to phone calls when tenants, maintenance people and agents contact me, I can automate regular tasks and respond when convenient. There is no question that Arthur has changed my work-life balance and it feels so good not to have to compromise my time anymore.”

The first tip to redress a person’s work-life balance is to stop doing things that waste your time and energy. For landlords, an apt example of wasting time and energy is when they have to phone around for contractors because a tenant has reported an issue with the property. Once a contractor has been found, landlords then have to deal with quotes, dates, times, parking, payments etc.

It is recommended that you assemble tools that help you to complete tasks and manage your time effectively. Arthur is a perfect example of such a tool, as the integrated software allows landlords to connect with contractors at the click of a button, on any device, and manage the details of the job effortlessly through Arthur’s interface. The software reduces the need for endless phone calls, meaning no wasted time and energy on the landlords’ part or the contractors’ either.

The next tip to securing a healthy work-life balance is ensuring that you take time out to relax each day. It is recommended that you relax for ten to fifteen minutes per day by doing something that you enjoy, for example listening to music or going for a jog.

As Arthur prevents time wasting, landlords and property managers will definitely be able to set this time aside each day, if not more. One of the aims of the company is to leave more time for the other things in life, like meeting with friends over a coffee. Users of Arthur can access the web app from any device, meaning that you can literally run your business from your local coffee shop, giving you plenty of time to relax.

Another top tip for harmonising your work-life balance is to prevent multitasking that will lead to stress. Some landlords can often find themselves multitasking, as every month there is a plethora of different tasks and duties they must fulfil.

However, Arthur gives landlords everything they need in one place, combining many tasks into one interface.

Instead of their house phone ringing with a tenant on the line, constantly having their diary open to note down appointments, or meeting with a contractor face-to-face, everything can be completed using just one piece of software. Arthur.

Arthur is intelligent: its automated tasks feature prevents the pressure of multitasking. For example, rent reminders are sent off automatically to tenants by the software. Arthur carries out your tasks, delivers your documents and communicates your requests, giving landlords more time to themselves. This means less multitasking and less stress for landlords.

A final recommended way of balancing work and life is through technology management. This involves making sure technology is benefitting you, rather confusing you. How you carry out your work is of key importance, and working in a smarter way by using new technology that benefits you is a fantastic means of managing your day.

The user has always been at the forefront of Arthur’s design: the directors all share real-life experience of the property industry and wanted to resolve the difficulties for each party under the property umbrella. The software reflects this, as it is simple to use and has been created to benefit the user and save them time, be it letting agents, landlords, property managers, contractors, or tenants.

For example, each party has their own identifiable interface, meaning that the technology works for you specifically and therefore allows you to utilise it and manage it for your own needs.

Being a property expert is a demanding job, as explored in LandlordZONE’s last newsletter in the article, “The Business of Good Landlord-ing.” Endless advice is given to landlords on how to improve their business, and more and more regulation is being piled upon them, forcing some to prioritise work over life.

At a time when we need to encourage landlords to invest in order to solve the UK’s housing crisis, Arthur’s ability to redress landlords’ work-life balance reveals its potential as the catalyst for further investment.

Arthur is not only the best property management software on the market, but its ability to harmonise the work-life balance of many property professionals and connect all parties in the field is revolutionary. If you are a property manager, property owner, landlord or letting agent, your business will save time and money by using Arthur. To try out the demo and get your first thirty days for free, simply click on the link below.

Marc Trup

Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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