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Slugs, mice, mould and condensation – these are just a few of the issues many students put up with on a daily basis during their time living in private rented accommodation.

A report published earlier this year by the National Union of Students (NUS) revealed that 75% of students have problems with their rented accommodation. Often, this can be due to miscommunication between the students and their landlords.

Over half of students surveyed had experienced condensation, almost half have had to deal with mould, and a quarter had been tip-toeing around vermin such as slugs and mice whilst living in their accommodation.

Investment in the student housing market has expanded rapidly over recent years, a fact that is hardly surprising considering the high rental yield possible in such a market. Student housing is becoming increasingly more expensive, forcing students to get paid employment in order to foot the bill.

Considering the appalling conditions some are expected to cope with, the rental income their landlords receive seems shocking.  Therefore, the Universities must become more active in helping students to know their rights as tenants.

“There are a significant number of students now who live in the private rental sector so it’s no longer good enough for universities to keep that arm’s length,” says Colum McGuire, Vice President for welfare at the NUS.

“They need to be taking a more proactive role in helping students source good quality accommodation with reliable landlords. They should also be stepping in where there are issues.”

Furthermore, communication between landlords and their student tenants needs addressing. Over a half of the students surveyed by the NUS reported that they have had problems getting their landlords to carry out repairs on their property.

Here at Arthur, we know that every party under the property umbrella is equally important, from the landlord to the tenant. That is why we have built a system designed to facilitate communication and efficiency for everybody involved in the rental process, facilitating everything from rental payments to the repair process.

The best thing about using Arthur’s web based property management system as a tenant is the fact that Arthur has a native mobile app for Android and Apple. This lets tenants communicate with their landlords anywhere, and on any device.

We spoke with student tenant, Imogen Procter, on her experiences of renting, and why she thinks the student rental market would benefit from Arthur.

She told us how communication could be frustrating for students, as landlords often rely on emails and phone calls, something that doesn’t best suit a student’s on-the-go lifestyle and busy schedule. In her opinion, being able to liaise with landlords via an app would revolutionise the student rental market.

She said, “Considering the majority of my generation owns a smartphone and can connect with their friends in seconds via platforms like Whatsapp and iMessage, the difficulty to communicate with their landlords doesn’t seem right.

“We had various maintenance issues with our property during the past year, which took far too long to fix. With Arthur, everything could have been sorted quickly with the click of a button, saving so much time and hassle.”

With Arthur, Imogen could say ‘the heating has stopped working’ whilst on her way to campus on her mobile. The landlord would instantly receive this, send out a workorder in minutes, and have the contractor round the same day. What more could a tenant want?

Arthur’s software is fully integrated, as each user has their own identifiable interface designed for their needs. Therefore, Imogen, and other tenants like her, would have easy access to the documents they need, for example their contract or rent instalment information.

Imogen believed this would benefit her “hugely”, as she and other students she knew often needed reminding on the date their rent was due and the exact amount owed.

With all of this in mind, landlords and property managers could completely transform their business by using Arthur, and ensure success in their student housing investment.

Working with Arthur would prove that you understand and appreciate your tenants’ busy, on-the-go modern lifestyles. Not only this, Arthur will save you time and money.

To try out the demo and get your first thirty days for free, simply click on the link below.

Keep calm and carry Arthur.

Marc Trup


Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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