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Self storage is a hot topic these days. Our generation has dramatically strayed from our ancestor’s meagre “have what you need and need what you have,” mentality. Back then, things were built to last. It was common to have appliances, furniture and cars for decades. Items were sourced much differently than they are nowadays. Craftsmanship meant something and mass production was unheard of. It was the age of heirlooms and the age of living within your means. Fast forward to 2015 – how things have changed!

Property Owners Rely On Self Storage

When property owners are in the market for a new dwelling, it seems like storage is either high on their “must have” list or they completely overlook it; only to wish for it later. People think they can “just build a storage shed” or “add a garage,” as though it is an easy process or cheap thing to do. Depending on where you live, the permit approval process can be a nightmare; not to mention all of the additional inspections legally required. Suddenly, a simple shed or single car garage has turned into thousands of additional pounds.

Commercial property owners often have an abundance of equipment, products, packaging etc. to contend with. Choosing the property that has the right location but does not meet your storage requirements can be a deal breaker down the road. You are too busy to be running across town multiple times a day to retrieve that part, tool, archived paperwork etc.

Estimate Your Storage Needs Ahead of Time

Storage is not strictly related to our buildings and sheds. People have the same dilemmas with many newer homes that offer smaller bedrooms and almost non-existent linen closets. Some of your items may be too large to secure on your property at all. If you have a boat, recreational vehicle, quad, skidoo, utility trailer etc., where are you going to park them? Again, falling in love with the home of your dreams only to determine that you will be paying monthly storage fees to keep your “toys” in a heated or unheated facility can be really expensive and inconvenient if you didn’t factor those extra costs into your budget.

Of course, your storage capacity and needs are constantly evolving. Once the kids leave home you may end up being stuck with all their extra things they can’t squeeze into their first apartment or basement suite.

Landlords Can Always Use More Self Storage

Those who own or manage larger apartment complexes or commercial warehouse space, are continually left with odds and sods every time a tenant moves out. Bed frames, bicycles, bathroom vanities…you name it. Renters are often moving so far away, it isn’t economically feasible for them to pay to move their cumbersome and seldom used things.

Of course, a responsible person would try to donate their unused items properly to people or organisations in need, sell them for extra cash or dispose of them appropriately. However, many individuals are moving due to job transfers, school or for family reasons. They are simply too overwhelmed it seems, to do the “right” thing. And there you have it…a bunch of “stuff” left over as the landlord is completing the move-out inspection.

Budget Savvy Landlords

When you are a landlord, it is only a matter of time before you are going to need that extra set of shower doors, closet doors, track lights, door knobs etc. Especially if you are renovating suites on a gradual basis, hanging on to reusable items from other dwellings on the property can eventually come in handy.

Most commercial landlords need space to store their 5-gallon buckets of paint, spackle, drywall putty etc. The maintenance issue is on-going. Flooring and faucets are costly items. Running to the store every month can get ridiculously expensive; as can driving across town to access your contractor’s items. Having a safe, secure, self-storage solution will only make your job easier and more enjoyable.

Why Investors Require Self Storage Solutions

While some investors rely on the property itself, others are looking to buy or sell the “complete package.” Hiring a landscaping company and a staging company to come and set up and take down and weed and mow and shovel in the winter can quickly add up. Regardless what side of the investment spectrum you are on, having a place to store your practical lawn and garden equipment or your extra furniture, rugs, stools, mirrors etc. for your staging needs is convenient and much easier on the bank balance.

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Please Note: This Article is 8 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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