Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.

It can be frustrating if the property you are renting out suddenly has problems with condensation and mould. Especially so, if you have just spent a small fortune redecorating and the building has extract fans in both the kitchen and bathroom which have worked perfectly fine for years but now don’t seem to be able to cut the mustard!

The root cause of condensation is poor ventilation; however, the following can make a difference in the severity of the problem and should be taken into account when it comes to finding a solution.


One person living in a dwelling will not create as much moisture through their daily routine (bathing, cooking etc) as two people or a family of three. It should not come as a surprise but increased occupancy levels will make a significant difference, a property with a minor condensation issue can become one with a major condensation problem through increased occupancy levels.


With increasing energy costs, the occupants may not be maintaining a steady and even temperature within the property in order to cut down on heating costs.  For every one degree drop in temperature the relative humidity inside the home is increased by 5% on top of the moisture already produced by the residents on a daily basis. What’s more, on colder days opening a window for extra ventilation is even less likely because of the heat loss.

Old fans/noise

Old fans will not be as efficient or as effective as today’s modern equivalents. Some of the older fans can be quite noisy, and in some cases tenants will turn them off or not use them if they are. The good news is these can be replaced with energy efficient fans which require no user intervention and will quietly ventilate the property.

A permanent and guaranteed solution

PIV units work by delivering fresh, filtered and clean air into a dwelling, gently ventilating it using a technique called Positive Input Ventilation (PIV). This method dilutes high levels of humidity and harmful household contaminants, creating a healthy all year round living environment without having to open windows.

In addition to this, PIV units also help to redistribute heat around and reduce space heating costs by up to 10%.

Single Room Heat Recovery (SRHR)

Single Room Heat Recovery Units offer a practical and green solution to replace old, inefficient extract fans in Kitchens or bathrooms. Unlike a traditional extract fan, a Single Room Heat Recovery Unit recovers heat that would normally be lost through extraction. The unit uses the ‘recovered heat’ to warm fresh, clean air that it delivers back into the room.

For further information, help and advice on how to solve problems with condensation and mould visit or contact EnviroVent on 0845 27 27 807

Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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